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Players on iPhone and iPad were looking forward to it: Xbox Cloud Gaming finally arrives on Apple devices. A limited beta version has been launched on smartphones and apple tablets, as well as on Windows 10 PCs.

Play your Xbox games on your iPhone, it’s possible! Microsoft has just launched the beta version of Xbox Cloud Gaming on Apple phones and tablets, as well as PCs running Windows 10. This feature, already available since September 2020 for Android subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, allows you to play a large catalog of games streaming, without a computer or Xbox.

Play Xbox games without a console? Yes, it’s possible with Xbox Cloud Gaming. Just play through an internet browser, which connects us to the cloud. So you can play from your phone, tablet or computer anywhere, as long as you have a sufficient internet connection.

The current game catalog includes a hundred titles, including GTA V, Astroneer, Batman: Arkham Night, Battle Toads, Blair Witch, Cities Skyline, Don’t starve, Doom, the Fallout saga, Goat Simulator…

All these games are now available on iPhone with the new Xbox service, starting April 20, 2021. In a blog post, the videogame company states that as of this Tuesday, «We will start sending invitations to some Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, who will be able to try the Xbox Cloud Gaming on Windows 10 PC as well as on Apple phones and tablets via internet browsers. On, participants will be able to play more than 100 Xbox Game Pass titles via Edge, Google Chrome or Safari. Offering you the ability to play through a browser and a simple, universal landing page will allow us to make the game through the cloud accessible to more players over time.”

As a reminder, this feature is still in the testing phase. It is likely that you are experiencing some problems for now. But these unforeseen events should quickly be fixed and improved by Xbox, to ensure you a new gaming experience.

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