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What are the best free email clients to manage your emails?

Tired of having to connect to multiple web services to read all your e-mails? Looking for a tool to centralize, manage and control all your correspondence? Futura offers you a selection of the best email customers, each with interesting specificities.

Over the years, we tend to multiply the number of email addresses we use, especially when we have to consult both personal and business emails. This may require us to connect to multiple web mail clients. To avoid wasting time navigating and identifying in multiple locations, there are free solutions to centralize, consult, administer and customize all of your correspondence. Windows offers one integrated into its operating system with Mail/Outlook, but it is possible to find others more complete and more adapted to its needs.

Futura does an overview of the best free email customers at the moment and reveals their specificities.

Mozilla Thunderbird: the most famous

Mozilla Thunderbird is very often the first option that comes to mind when it comes to finding an alternative to Outlook. This email client, as its name suggests, was developed as part of the Mozilla project, whose best-known program is certainly the popular Firefox browser. It is free and free software, supported by a large community and which has continued to improve since its first release in 2003.

Mozilla Thunderbird wants to be both complete and easy to take in hand. For this, it embeds an assistant account creation. Some email clients need to know and fill in the IMAP, SMTP and SSL/TLS settings of the various services used. Mozilla Thunderbird requires only the name, email and password. It then configures itself by searching for the information from the email providers it needs in its database. The address book can be opened with a single click from the letters received to add information about the correspondent (name, photo, date of birth, etc.). They even have a tool to remind people to attach a document if, when they analyze the message the user is writing, they detect keywords such as “attachment”, “attachment”, or file format names.

As with Mozilla Firefox, it is possible to open multiple tabs simultaneously and switch from one to the other with one click. Mail/Outlook, to name a few, only allows you to preview one e-mail; it is sometimes frustrating to waste time opening and closing the same messages over and over again during a work session.

In addition to its multiple functions for filtering, searching and archiving e-mails, Mozilla Thunderbird is a customizable software. In fact, it is possible not only to change its appearance thanks to hundreds of “Personas” (themes), but also to choose and install dozens of complementary modules improving handling, productivity and data protection.

Finally, Mozilla Thunderbird integrates some basic security features. It protects the user against phishing by warning him of the dangerousness of the message and by signalling that the link contained in the e-mail sends him to a website different from that indicated. It also offers undesirable mail detection tools and alerts as soon as a security update is available.

It works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Mozilla Thunderbird is the most comprehensive free messaging software

Mailbird Lite: the most customizable

Mailbird Lite is an email client (awarded annually since 2013) that offers a successful email management experience. It has a clear interface, simple to understand and fully customizable.

It thus has many configurable layout tools with hundreds of colors available and the transition from a dark to light theme in a few seconds. It also offers the possibility to individualize the sounds of the notifications, whether with those offered by Mailbird Lite, or those of your library. It allows you to sign in to your Linkedln account with one click from the inbox, but also to integrate applications to its interface like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Asana, Todoist, WhatsApp, Evernote, etc.

It also contains advanced features such as the ability to configure keyboard shortcuts to archive, respond to messages, compose, transfer, but also an optimized search bar to find attachments and the ability to put some messages on hold to focus on the most important ones.

A downside is to be brought, however, the Lite version allowing the management of only one e-mail address. In addition to the unlimited number of addresses, the Pro version, offered at a very affordable price, adds additional features such as quick preview of attachments, improved playback speed and priority access to customer service.

Mailbird Lite is only available on Windows right now.

Mailbird Lite, awarded annually since 2013

eM Client Free: the most efficient way to boost productivity

We already recommend eM Client in our article on the best free software 2019 for PC. This email client is a very credible alternative to the above-mentioned solutions thanks to its multiple functions that save time and productivity, as well as its simple and fast installation with the automated import of the parameters of the different messaging services.

eM Client Free includes an automatic data backup tool. The user no longer has to worry about the preservation of his e-mails and can keep his concentration on the tasks he has to perform. It also features an advanced table editing tool, making it easier to resize cells, rows and columns. Image editing is also simplified: the images pasted into the emails are automatically adjusted to a suitable size. The user can always change the size of the image if it is unsatisfactory and has the option to rotate and flip it.

Finally, it has a feature to set up auto-replies on Gmail and another to create and import PGP keys. These are used to digitally encrypt and sign emails. The Free version of eM Client links two email accounts (for example, the primary personal account and the business account). Switching to the Pro version is in the interest of being able to associate an unlimited number of accounts and have access to a VIP customer service.

eM Client is available on PC and Mac.

eM Client provides a net productivity gain

ProtonMail: the most secure

We mentioned it in the article “How do I make my messages and files truly private?” , ProtonMail is a web-based messaging service for data protection professionals. It is a complementary software to the ones we presented: unlike the others, ProtonMail does not allow to manage the accounts of various email clients via a single interface.

Its objective is different: to offer the highest level of security in terms of sending and receiving e-mails. Thus, the user has a new e-mail address that he can use for the transmission of important or sensitive information. ProtonMail is completely anonymous, there is no need to enter personal data to create an account and IP address logs are not kept.

It is distinguished, therefore, primarily by end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing the lowest interception risks for this type of program. Normally, only the sender and the recipient can read the contents of the messages. The data is encrypted using a key that no one has access to except the user. Interesting clarification: ProtonMail servers are located in Switzerland. They are therefore subject to Swiss legislation, which is reputed to be one of the most protective in the world with regard to the personal data of customers of companies on its soil.

The free version of ProtonMail is limited to one e-mail address and some restrictions regarding the size of the storage and the number of messages sent (500 MB and 150 messages per day).

The Plus, Professional and Visionary versions increase storage, the number of email addresses, the number of messages sent daily and the number of users.

ProtonMail is currently the most secure email thanks to its end-to-end encryption technology

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