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Fortnite: extended maintenance for v16.20 update

On Twitter, the official Fortnite page recalled that the 16.20 update of the game would arrive during the day. If this patch includes new content, it will make the game temporarily unavailable for a “longer than usual” duration.


Less than a week after the crash of the Epic Games servers, Fortnite is unavailable again. In question, a maintenance planned since yesterday by the teams of the game. Since 08:00 this morning, Fortnite does not work and it will be necessary to wait more “long than usual” before being able to restart the game. Indeed, it will be impossible to connect during the total duration of maintenance and integration of the update since the patch will only be downloadable at the end of it. No information has been given about a possible recovery of the servers and when the return to play will be possible again. Fortnite indicates that the patch “will only be available for download within a few hours. ‘ So you’ll have to be patient.

Maintenance for the v16. 20 update has just started!

As a reminder, the maintenance will be longer than usual and the patch will only be available for download within a few hours.

The game will be inaccessible for the duration of the maintenance.

— Fortnite officiel (@Fortnite) April 13, 2021


like the previous ones, the 16.20 update fixes many bugs mentioned by the community on a dedicated Trello. For example, the patch fixes a problem that blurred the store objects on Nintendo Switch. Also solved, a bug preventing PS4 players from playing with PS5 players if their group is created before the game starts. All corrections will be available in a note patch when it is available.

Like v16.10, today’s update brings some new features:

  • Different types of tires will be available for car customization
  • A special cup will see the players compete only with the bow
  • The 50-player matchmaking comes in the Creative mode.

This is the second update to be brought to the game since the launch of season 6 of chapter 2: Primitive Instincts. Civilization has returned to a stone age where technology no longer exists. Agents will have to confront dinosaurs, boars and wolves to create their own resources and survive in this hostile world.

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