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The rumor runs on the networks: Sony would prepare a remake of the hit game The Last of Us for the PS5. The project would have been entrusted to the game’s creators, the Naughty Dog studio, who would create new exclusive content for the new generation console.

Shortly after the release of The Last of Us Part II, the players are already preparing to go back in time: a rumor claims that a remake of The Last of Us would be in preparation in the studios of Naughty Dog.

American journalist Jason Schreier leaked the story. In an article published on the Bloomberg website, the journalist tells the secret project of Sony: to make a remake of the videogame blockbuster The Last of Us, released in 2013, for the PlayStation 5. To be done, Sony mounts a team whose existence is still not official.

“Sony has never fully recognized the team’s existence, nor has it been given the funding and support it needs to succeed in the highly competitive video game market. The studio never even had its own name. Instead, Sony transferred ownership of the remake of The Last of Us to its original creator, Naughty Dog, a Sony-owned studio that is behind many of the company’s successful games and an HBO television series under development,” says Jason Schreier.

This remake story is also the story of a very special battle, in which Sony is engaged. The company had created a group to help other studios finalize productions, including animation, illustrations and other content. At the head of this team, called the Visual Arts Service Group, is Michael Mumbauer.

He and his team were originally responsible for a remake of the game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. This project had been approved on trial, before being put on the sidelines, because Sony did not want to invest and hire new talent to realize it. The team nevertheless continued its work, before the pace of production was slowed down by some problems.

At the same time, Sony asked the group of the Visual Arts Service Group to help the studio Naughty Dog, which is experiencing some slowdowns in the production of its game The Last of Us Part II. Then, little by little, the dynamics were reversed. Sony said that once the game The Last of Us Part II was over, some people from Naughty Dog would help make [the Uncharted remake]. Mumbauer’s team saw this as a loss of its ephemeral autonomy,” the American journalist said.

In fact, over the course of the weeks, Naughty Dog gradually took over the management of the project, with substantial financial support from Sony. Visual Arts Service Group loses its creation and becomes a technical support group again. A situation that went very badly with employees.

In the face of the lack of support from the parent company, Michael Mumbauer resigned and took with him some of the staff of the working group. The project of Uncharted’s remake seems abandoned, in favor of The Last of Us. Business to follow…

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