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How to buy Bitcoins?

In terms of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is not only the pioneer but also the one with the largest capitalization. While in 2009 1 Bitcoin was worth less than 100 euros, it recently reached the value of 50,000 euros. One wonders whether we should be investing.

Facilitating exchanges without intermediaries has been the goal of Bitcoin since its creation by Satoshi Nakamoto. To create rarity and value, man said that there will be no more than 21 million Bitcoins that will be produced.

About ten years ago, it was still possible to mine Bitcoins thanks to the computing power of his computer. Today, as the value of this cryptocurrency continues to increase and as the number available becomes scarce, mining requires a much too high power and the best way to invest is still to exchange your euros to acquire one or part of a Bitcoin already mined.

Buy bitcoins by creating a virtual wallet

To buy Bitcoins, the easiest way is to go through an exchange platform. These are many, as are scams. It is therefore essential to be vigilant and to give priority to recognized services. Among the most popular are Etoro and Coinbase, affordable platforms for novices also available as a mobile app.

Once your account is created on Etoro, you have a secure gateway to make your investments in various cryptocurrencies, 14 in total, but also on securities. It is then possible to configure your credit card, your bank account but also a Paypal account. This will allow you to recover money quickly if you want to resell your Bitcoins after making a win.

For its part Coinbase is strictly focused on cryptocurrency and its handling is even simpler than on Etoro. 42 cryptocurrencies are listed with of course Bitcoin in the lead. However, only the credit card can be configured as a payment method.

For long-term investments, with a large initial amount, choose Etoro. Coinbase is mainly designed for short-term investments with the flexibility of being able to make small expenditures in Bitcoin on the Internet.

Above all, do not forget to regularly follow the course of Bitcoin in order to determine whether or not you have to resell your initial investments in order to make a surplus value. Also note that it is possible to transfer its Bitcoins for “cold” storage to hardware wallets in the form of secure USB sticks. The French company Ledger is particularly famous for its products.

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