What are the best cleaners on MAC, PC and smartphone?

If your MAC, PAC or smartphone is slower than usual, then it probably needs a cleaner. Cleaners are software used to clean your devices and make them perform at their highest level. Futura offers you a selection of the best of them.

All Mac, PC and smartphone users have already faced it, sudden slowdowns are a source of annoyance, or even annoyance for the less patient. To remedy this, cleaning software, also called cleaners, exist and are able to identify and remove the main causes of slowdowns. Futura has chosen the best of them on PC, Mac, Android and iOS.



The Mac version of Ccleaner Free is a simplified version of the one for Windows and offers an almost similar interface, always and easy to handle. It is free and in French. The main module, the Cleaner, is always present and allows here to free up space on the hard drive by deleting unnecessary or unused files, temporary files and those contained in the Recycle Bin. It also protects the user’s privacy on the Safari and Mozilla Firefox internet browsers by eliminating cookies, temporary files and browsing history.

Additional features provide the ability to uninstall unused programs and manage programs that launch automatically on Mac startup. The Professional version automatically updates, provides real-time Mac monitoring, and provides premium access to customer service.

Ccleaner Free for Mac is simplified compared to the PC version


CleanMyMac X seems to impose itself as the best cleaner for Mac users. This is the most complete solution, the software includes dozens of optimization tools presented in a very clear interface. Among them, some serve to free up space in the hard drive by deleting outdated caches, broken downloads, unnecessary logs and translations as well as unnecessary items from iTunes, Mail and Photos.

Others speed up the Mac by releasing RAM and managing maintenance scripts, connection element controls, open agents, and blocked applications. CleanMyMac X also incorporates features to protect the Mac, it tracks malware (malware), advertising (adware), ransomware and malware, and then eliminates them immediately thanks to its database updated very regularly.

The trial version allows you to clean up up to 500 MB, you must then switch to the paid version available in the form of an annual subscription or a final purchase.

CleanMyMac X is a complete software with dozens of optimization tools



Ccleaner Free is a free and fully French cleaning and optimization software. It is the best known of cleaners: the publisher Piriform announces that it would have been downloaded more than 2.5 billion times at the rate of more than 5 million installations per week! Its purpose is to detect, delete unnecessary files or any application that can slow down a PC and protect users’ privacy. To do this, it relies on several modules whose main one is the Cleaner who takes care of free space on your hard drive. Thus, it analyzes and then erases everything that is useless: temporary files, cookies and browsing history.

The Registry module intervenes in the review of the registry (very important, because it contains the configuration data of Windows and installed software) and then eliminates unnecessary or obsolete errors and entries. Other tools are available to select or deselect programs running on PC startup, quickly uninstall programs, remove outdated restore points, or enable/disable the most popular browser add-ons.

Ccleaner cleans and optimizes your PC by eliminating all that is unnecessary


Advanced SystemCare Free is the cleaner offered by IObit, known to develop numerous protection and optimization software such as Malware Fighter or Driver Booster. It is recommended to users looking for a free and easy-to-use solution.

Indeed, it is enough to click on the Analyze button in the Clean and Optimize menu in order to identify all the repairs and optimizations to be carried out, that is to say the selection of programs running at the startup of the PC, the removal of spyware (spyware), cookies, browsing history and temporary files, repairing shortcuts and cleaning the registry.

The Accelerate and Protect tabs contain many complementary tools such as an accelerator, an app cleaner, anti-stase navigation and DNS protection to make your PC perform as well as possible. Some of these tools are integrated with Advanced SystemCare Free while others require an additional download.

The software is also available in Pro version for enhanced optimization and cleaning, hard disk defragmentation and multiple premium services.

It only takes a click to analyze the PC and see the changes to be made


System Mechanic is a diagnostic, repair and optimization tool of the Iolo editor. The free version is very easy to take in hand and allows the user, in 2 clicks, to delete unnecessary Windows files, repair identified registry problems and defragment hard drive. The software displays general system status and other possible changes, such as deletion of unnecessary internet files or Windows security flaws.

To do this, you must upgrade the software and opt for the Pro version. This has the advantage of being one of the most complete solutions currently and proposes to optimize the RAM and processor in real time, to remove programs that launch at Windows boot undesirable, block malware and improve internet connection speed.

System Mechanic provides a comprehensive diagnosis of the state of your PC



iMyFone Umate is a software to install on your Mac or PC to clean all devices running iOS, connecting them to your computer. Once the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is connected, the user will free up space in one click. The depth of cleaning depends on the version of the chosen software. The Umate Free version allows to erase all unwanted files and unnecessary temporary files.

The Umate Standard version also offers the option of deleting unused applications, saving and then deleting large files and photos by compressing them to 25% of their normal size for the latter. Finally, the Umate Pro version incorporates features to protect privacy such as the permanent deletion of deleted files, browsing histories, cookies and third-party application residues.

iMyFone Umate frees up space for iOS devices


PhoneClean is a software available on PC and Mac to optimize the performance of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It performs a complete cleaning of iOS devices, including app caches, app cookies, temporary files, log crashes, photo and photo filter caches. It also allows you to erase your internet data such as browser caches, cookies, browsing history and webmail caches.

Cleaning the system is done efficiently, notifications, residual app files or messages are erased with one click. In addition, the software detects active applications running in the background and can close them. Finally, it has the distinction of integrating the Silent Clean module, designed so that PhoneClean performs an automatic and discreet cleaning as soon as the iOS device and the computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. PhoneClean offers a free trial period.

Silent Clean mode activates as soon as the iOS device and computer are on the same network

On Android


Clean Master is an ultra-complete application that goes beyond the simple use of cleaner and has the advantage of being 100% free, the publisher paying itself through the display of an advertisement (which can be stopped after 5 seconds) when one of its tools is used.

The main functions Unwanted Files and Phone Boost are used to identify, then destroy unnecessary files or apk that slow down your smartphone and release RAM by stopping the processes of unused apps. Clean Master also comes with an effective antivirus that has a database that is updated regularly (the update must be done manually) and a CPU cooler that displays the processor temperature and lowers it if necessary.

But Clean Master also has a long list of secondary tools, each of which clearly has its own use as a notification cleaner, battery saver, message security or photo/video encryption tool, an advanced cleaning module to find and erase large folders, a photo and WhatsApp cleaner and the AppLock to protect your privacy.If you no longer want to see ads, it is possible to upgrade to the VIP version.

Clean Master offers dozens of 100% free optimization tools!


DU Speed Booster & Antivirus is an application used by more than 230 million people and is based on a business model identical to Clean Master, that is to say a remuneration by advertising. In terms of the main functions, we first note the Phone Boost and Memory Boost to free RAM by removing the recurring tasks in the background and stopping the applications that start automatically.

It integrates the Junk File Cleaner which eliminates unnecessary files like residual files, caches, temporary files and outdated apk. It also has an effective antivirus, CPU Cooler to cool the processor and AppLock to secure your applications and protect your privacy. Finally, it offers secondary but useful features, such as the ability to see exactly the remaining charge time or to test the throughput of its connection.

DU Speed Booster tests the speed of its connection in addition to traditional optimization tools

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