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What are the most popular video editing software on PC? On Mac? For iOS? For Android? Which are the most complete? Are there free and efficient software? Futura offers you its selection.

Software for Mac

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is the equivalent for Mac OS X of Abode Premiere Pro CC, it is the absolute reference. In addition to the ease of use thanks to its «Magnetic Timeline», its composite planes can be grouped in a single package and a smart color code, The software integrates advanced organizational tools such as an optimized metadata tag assignment or the ability to retrieve an object in a matter of seconds in the middle of hours of content. Final Cut Pro X is designed to work with your Mac’s high-performance processor and graphics card, and features new video noise reduction tools, the display of timecode wherever you are in the room and workflow extensions to work with third-party applications, without leaving Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro X is the reference for video editing on Mac thanks to its high performance and optimized interface

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC is a free, non-linear video editor that provides direct access to any image in a video sequence and allows you to easily move plans while editing. This software supports all current video and audio formats for playback and recording. It also offers the possibility to convert the video format of your work and includes a video capture tool from external devices. In addition to the classic editing features, it integrates lots of color effects, transformation and transition for video and many filters and options for sound.

VSDC Free Video Editor is the best free video editing software for Mac OS X

DaVinci Resolve 15

The Blackmagicdesign editor prides itself on being the only solution offering editing, calibration, audio post-production and visual effects in the same software. And this for free! Widely used by film and television professionals, it has very advanced functions in terms of color correction, visual effects or audio editing thanks to the Fairlight workstation. It proposes to use the new Blackmagic Raw codec thus offering a very high image quality and impressive speed due to the integration of advanced debayerization technology and intelligent design. Finally, the playback engine has seen its performance so optimized that it is even possible to work in 4K on a laptop! Only constraint: it is in English.

DaVinci Resolve 15 regroupe tous les outils de montage, étalonnage et postproduction audio en un logiciel

Software for iOS


Apple offers a video editing app with a sleek look and intuitive Multi-Touch gestures. iMovie allows you to select and share the plans you want, but also to mark your favorite moments to quickly find them later. Turn into a Spielberg apprentice by making spectacular trailers using pre-recorded music and templates or creating your own movie from 8 unique themes with titles, transitions and music. Enrich your works with 10 video filters specially designed by Apple and a variety of effects such as slow motion, fast forward, image in the image and split screen. Depending on your device, the x2 speed option and 4K support are available.

iMovie contains filters and special effects easily usable thanks to the clean interface


Winner of the Gold Award for Best Mobile App in 2015, Splice is a simple and powerful video editing tool. It was designed to be as powerful as a desktop editor, but optimized for mobile use. So, for the image, it has automatic orientation and synchronization functions of your video according to the rhythm of the music, numerous background color filters, settings of the playback speed, «pan» and «zoom» effects as well as various options to customize your transitions. In terms of sound, it allows you to use a large selection of free music or those contained in your iTunes list, but also to add comments thanks to the built-in voice recorder. You can share your videos directly on the main social networks.

Splice is a simple and optimized video editor for mobile use.

Software for Windows

EaseUS Video Editor

To cut, assemble and embellish videos with filters and effects, EaseUS Video Editor is one of the easiest tools for beginners to learn. The video editing software knows how to manage the main video formats, for the moment, the montages can be played from all media (mobile, computers) and even social networks, or online distribution platforms like YouTube, for example. EaseUS Video Editor is available as a free video editing software on windows, or as a paid version with a significant 50% promotion at the moment.

De nombreux filtres et effets spéciaux faciles à appliquer permettent de donner beaucoup d’allure aux vidéos

Movavi Video Editor

A good video editing software can turn amateur video filmed with a phone into real professional quality production.

Movavi Video Editor lets you edit, cut, clean, sync sound and music to video, or create custom titles with text and animations.

Its interface offers a modern design divided into three parts: a video player, a control panel with its tabs and a working bar displaying the files being edited. The commands allow you to easily import, edit, or export videos, create text for titles, insert subtitles, create transitions, and even include special effects.

To sum up, Movavi is ideal and intuitive for novice users. Its interface is very easy to understand and there are many special effects. Advanced settings are easy to handle.

Simple to understand interface for intuitive use

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a reference of video editing software used for cinema, television and the Web. It is ultra complete and intended for professionals or amateurs motivated to progress thanks to detailed tutorials. It has a huge range of post-production tools and supports all modern formats, including 8K and virtual reality. Its strength is to integrate all workflows efficiently and intelligently, so as never to have to leave the assembly window. In terms of new features, we note a simpler and more accurate color calibration, improved audio content instantly or a 180-degree virtual reality fully supported. It finally has the advantage of being compatible (and optimized?) with Abode After Effects CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Abode Story and many partner software.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC intelligently integrates workflows

Magix Video deluxe

Magix Video deluxe is recommended to the general public because of its excellent quality/price ratio. It offers a video solution that is fairly affordable. Its main qualities are simplicity of use in the display of choices through Storyboard and Timeline modes, a proven speed for importing, optimization and editing in automatic or custom mode and a range of 1,500 effects to enrich your videos. As for new features, it incorporates dynamic title animations, improved FullHD image quality and 3 premium plug-ins.

Add more than 1,500 effects with Magix Video deluxe in Timeline mode

HitFilm Express

The FXhome studio offers professional quality software, powerful and free! It has an extensive interface, but accessible to newcomers that offers more than 410 special effects to embellish your creations. It allows you to edit and edit your work in 2D and 3D without limiting the number of multimedia tracks and transitions, something that some paid competitors do not do! Very rich, his mastery is facilitated by the existence of a very active community as well as many tutorials.

HitFilm Express is completely free and offers over 410 different special effects

Software for Android

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is a free video editor whose goal is the fast and easy design of quality movies. It offers an automatic video creation tool that brings your images to the rhythm of your chosen music. It also has simple and efficient mounting options, you just need to drag and drop clips or photos and then rearrange and rework them, keeping only the selected parts. It also incorporates settings of light, transitions and video speed effects. When it comes to music, you can choose between the songs offered by the app or import those from your playlist, the Automix function balancing the sound volume between the tracks. Your creations can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and you even have the opportunity to export your work to Adobe Premiere Pro CC on your computer to access more advanced editing options.

Adobe offers a free application compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC on a computer


FilmoraGo is a video editing software that allows you to quickly create fun videos that you can share on social networks or via email afterwards. You must first choose one of the proposed themes and then access the many options of the video editor such as slowdowns, accelerations, overlays, filters, the possibility of adding text and even reading in reverse, while having the possibility to preview your creation in real time. You then have professional tools available to cut the video, duplicate, rotate, remove elements and cut the sound. Finally, you can choose to export your production in 1:1 format for Instagram or 16:9 for YouTube.

FilmoraGo is an application that allows you to create videos quickly and fun and then share them afterwards

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