Five months after their release, the PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S are still out of stock and could remain so at least for a while. And because of a shortage of ABF substrate, AMD is unable to supply the main chips (SoC) needed for Sony and Microsoft consoles. Regarding a return to normal, this would not take place before the second quarter 2022, according to the electronic chip manufacturer Foxconn.

You also expect the returns in store of the famous next-gen consoles of Sony and Microsoft ? You don’t spend a day without going through dozens of websites looking for PS5 or Xbox Series stocks? Then you may be disappointed ! Indeed, the stock shortage could last for a while, according to Foxconn, who manufactures the electronic chips of both consoles. The latter advanced a date, with a return to normal not before the second quarter 2022.

It should be noted that at the time of their launch, the two manufacturers had very low stocks, in particular because the effects of the health crisis disrupted the assembly lines in China. If today the factories should be running at full capacity and watering the world of new consoles, Sony and Microsoft are both victims of a shortage of electronic chips provided by AMD.

Both game consoles are based on the same architecture and require CPU (AMD Zen2) and GPU (AMD RDNA 2) chips to run at full power. Without it, it is impossible to assemble the consoles and operate them. On the other hand, AMD is in turn dependent on TSMC, a semiconductor manufacturer that has also warned its customers to expect longer delivery times because it lacks ABF substrate, a kind of insulator for CPU and GPU and found in almost all electronic devices.

Today, the price of the ABF substrate is exploding because of its rarity and the shortage could last until the end of the year causing delays in the production chain of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Serie X and Xbox Serie S. In short, You’ll have to be patient to get the famous sesame!

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