This new chapter of Fortnite makes us make a gigantic leap into the past, to the time when dinosaurs ruled on Earth. New enemies have appeared on the map: the raptors are there, and they want to eat. Maybe that’s how you can make them friends… if you survive that long.

Your Fortnite Island has changed a lot with the arrival of season 6: it now looks much more like Isla Nublar, where Professor John Hammond created his Jurassic Park. Your map is now filled with strange eggs. Don’t try to eat them, they contain a much more indigestible animal than a hen.

Raptors have now taken possession of your island, and they are hungry. Have no illusions, the raptors are at the top of the food chain: they are not afraid of anything, attack everything they see, in short, they are the most dangerous animals in this game.

Very important information to know: raptors always move in pairs. If you face one but do not see the second, beware, a surprise death awaits you. And it will not be without pain.

If you’re in the mood for a new pet (and what could be cooler than a raptor, we wonder), know that you can also tame these monsters. They need to be fed! Throw meat at their feet and tame them while they eat. Make sure you have enough treats on you before you start if you don’t want to end up as a snack. We remind you that there are two mouths to feed each time.

This new chapter also introduces wolves, wild boars, hens and frogs to the map. Wolves and wild boars can be dangerous, but hens and frogs are completely harmless. All these new animals are an interesting source of materials to build new tools and weapons.

We hope to see t.rex arrive at the next update…

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