Razer continues his green approach with an unusual object

The #GoGreenWithRazer campaign has just lifted the veil on the brand’s new “sustainable development” branded product, a reusable steel straw.

We were talking about it recently, Razer has 10-year projects in sustainable development and environmental conservation, and if this requires the implementation of various approaches in favor of ecology directly within the good practices of the company, It is also an opportunity for the latter to offer products a bit offbeat to its followers.

And the latest is none other than the Razer Reusable Straw, a reusable and telescopic stainless steel straw, which is intended to replace plastic straws that represent a significant pollution worldwide. With its silicone tip, cleaning pin and carrying case with carabiner, this accessory is priced at $29,34.

Certainly, the whole is stamped Razer and shows a nice design all in all, but the price still seems a bit dusty for an accessory that tends to flower good the greenwashing. Not to mention that Razer does not give precision on where this straw is made. However, if you are interested in buying this durable straw, you can pre-order it on the brand’s website, for a delivery scheduled from April 9.

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