After a stint on PS4, Aloy returns to Sony consoles in Horizon: Forbidden West, in 2021. A soft announced on the occasion of the presentation of the PS5 in June 2020.

Aloy is back in a second adventure, in Horizon: Forbidden West, second part of the franchise whose release is planned on PS4 and PS5 in 2021… Or is it 2022? An information that suggests, as explained by our colleagues from jeuxactu, the insider Anton Logvin, along with a list of other games also postponed to next year.

Concerning Horizon II, the app was unveiled on the occasion of the presentation of the new console from Sony in June 2020, with a first trailer. And since then, nothing: expected at the State of Play Conference on February 25, the game has unfortunately not shown the tip of its nose, and will be presented in detail later.

A new adventure of the saga that takes us this time to the heart of a post-apocalyptic California, where Aloy will have to investigate a mysterious evil spreading in nature and affecting fauna and flora and threatening to destroy what remains of humanity. A first graphically splendid trailer that makes us want to start a long journey within this unique open world.

We hope that this second adventure will be just as exciting as the first part of the saga, which met with some success. And for good reason, according to our colleagues from Ecranlarge, “Aloy had seduced more than 7.6 million players in the world a year after its release”. We wish him so much! And in the meantime, trailer!

Horizon Forbidden West – Guerrilla Talks | PS5

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