This is news that could disappoint sorcerers all over the world: the game Hogwarts Legacy, whose release was planned in 2021, is finally postponed to 2022. In this RPG, you play as a hero who holds a secret; a secret that could well revolutionize everyone sorcerer… Are you still ready for your first broom lesson?

We are happy. You are happy. Everyone is in a hurry to get their hands on the next Harry Potter game, unveiled during the PS5 showcase. Hogwarts Legacy (or Hogwarts Legacy for Francophones) is an open-world RPG that takes us on an epic quest, to the legendary music of Harry Potter. 2022 will finally be the year when we will all finally receive our admission letter to Hogwarts, the app having been postponed to be developed in the best conditions, according to Avalanche, the studio behind this opus.

Here we are in the late 1800s, long before the events we know well. You arrive at Hogwarts, ready to learn all the subtleties of the spells, convinced that you can bottle glory, distill greatness and even lock death… in a bottle. Flying lessons on a broom, courses in botany, metamorphosis, care for magical creatures… Everything is there to offer you a complete magical experience.

The trailer of the game lets us glimpse that all the magical universes created by J.K. Rowling are intertwined: we find many creatures presented in the films Fantastic Animals, we must face trolls, dragons, dementors, Inferis… and a mysterious masked man.

In this RPG, you can walk freely in the castle, and even in Pré au Lard and possibly at Chemin de Traverse, according to the few images visible in the trailer. No question of strolling however: an important quest awaits us.

Our character holds an ancient secret, powerful enough to harm the world of sorcerers. Many fights will punctuate our life, on an epic soundtrack that takes up the main themes of the Harry Potter saga. The world of witchcraft unfolds as we have never seen it before, and many surprises await us.

«The link that unites sorcerers is the legacy of Hogwarts.» What link? What secret? So many questions that we are eager to answer! The exact release date is not yet known, it will take several months before we can play Hogwarts Legacy.

The Swedish studio Avalanche brought this game to life. The studio is known for the Just Cause saga and the video game adaptation of Mad Max.

Hogwarts Legacy – Official Reveal Trailer | PS5

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