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Google admits its failure and throws in the towel: the Stadia Games and Entertainment studio closes its doors. However, the American company is not abandoning the cloud gaming sector, which it considers to be the future of video games.

The adventure ends here for Stadia and Entertainment. Google regretfully announced that it would have to close its video game development studio, in a blog post posted on Monday, February 1st. Google Vice President and CEO Phil Harrison signed this post which explains that the closure of the development studios will allow the company to focus on a new cloud gaming strategy (gaming on demand).

Launched in 2019, Stadia was to create exclusive games on the Google platform. Finally, not a title will leave these studios. Google is putting an end to this failed trial. Studio boss Jade Raymond has already announced that she is leaving Google. The fate of Stadia’s 150 employees is not yet known.

However, Google is not abandoning the video game industry. The company wants to reorient its strategy to highlight independent publishers, whose games will appear on the catalog of the cloud gaming service.

In his statement, Phil Harrison explains that creating games of the best quality from nothing requires many years and significant investments. And the costs go up exponentially. We are already focused on Stadia’s technology and deepening our commercial contracts, we have decided to stop investing in exclusive content design by our internal teams.”

However, players do not have to worry. Google assures it, the Stadia and Stadia Pro platforms remain open to allow you to continue playing your games, and new titles from independent studios should soon come to enrich the catalog of games.

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