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Released a little in the shadow of Microsoft and Sony consoles, the Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. is preparing to conquer your hearts. Discover the new retro console of Nintendo.

While the PS5 and the Xbox Series X compete with very high resolution and processor speed, Nintendo makes a risky bet… but successful. The Japanese company took the opposite of the new generation consoles and released its retro console: Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. This console was part of the special announcements for Mario’s 35th birthday. Its design very years 80 and its games included effortlessly seduce all the big children nostalgic of their first games.

Released on November 13 in France and sold for 59,47 Dollars, the Game & Watch console: Super Mario Bros. may not be accessible to everyone. Indeed, Nintendo has decided to supply stores until March 31, 2021 only. The console will only be available for purchase until supplies run out.

But what’s so special about this little console? The Game & Watch is Nintendo’s first portable console, released in 1980 in Japan. This reprint, in gold model, contains the original game Super Mario Bros., the game Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, the mini-game Ball version Mario as well as a digital clock.

True to form, Nintendo could not help hiding a few surprises in its console. For example, if you hold down the A button while launching the Super Mario Bros games. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, you can enjoy an infinite number of lives! If you prefer to play with Luigi in the Ball game, just hold down the A button for 5 seconds on the Ball title screen

In the clock version, have fun with the 35 animations around the numbers: Topi Taupes, Bloups and blocks of coins stroll on the screen.

So, are you going to fall for this deliciously retro console? Christmas is coming, think of the gamers of your entourage…

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