Facebook, in turn, embarks on the big arena of video games and presents its new on-demand gaming service. Small particularity: the games are accessible on mobile, and without download, thanks to the cloud.

Facebook is always looking to evolve and offer more services to its users. Latest addition: the Facebook Gaming service, announced this Tuesday, October 27, 2020, and launched in test in the United States. Players will be able to access the games without having to download them, thanks to the cloud.

In a press release, Jason Rubin, Vice President of Gaming at Facebook, also explains that “no hardware and no joystick is needed – your hands are the joysticks, because we start with mobile games developed specifically for smartphones.”

Access to the games is done from the social network, in the games tab and in the news feed. No need to leave your Facebook page to take advantage of this service. The games are exclusively developed in mobile format but it is quite possible to play from a computer with a mouse and a keyboard.

By signing up for a game via Facebook Connect, Facebook Gaming and the app version outside Facebook will be able to be synced. It will therefore be possible to start a game on Facebook and continue it in the application of the game editor, without connecting while keeping the progress already made.

Five titles are available at the beta launch of «Facebook Gaming» in the United States: a racing game: Asphal 9: Legends, a golf game, PGA TOUR Golf Shootout, a role-playing game: Mobile Legends: Adventure, and two card games: Solitaire: Arthur’s Tale and WWE SuperCard. These games are free, but contain in-app shopping options as well as ads. They are available on the Internet and on devices equipped with Google’s Android mobile operating system, but are not currently present on iOS, Apple’s operating system.

“More than 380 million people play games on Facebook each month and people will play remotely accessible games alongside those who play instant games,” writes Jason Rubin. The American company no doubt hopes to win back the young audience, who has been deserting Facebook for several years in favor of other networks such as Instagram or Tik Tok.

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