PS5: a new controller for the PSVR 2

While Sony teased us about the future arrival of a new PSVR for the Playstation 5 last month, the publisher unveils the controller that will be associated with it.

Following in the footsteps of the DualSense, the controller of the PS5, this new PSVR controller will offer adaptive triggers or even a better haptic return: this should logically “make each sensation in game more impactful, more textured and more nuanced”. The other great novelty is the tracking of the controller by the helmet. In short, the fingers will be detected by a ring located at the bottom of the controllers, no longer requiring the player to press any button, in order to promote the immersion of the player. For the rest, we will obviously find the classic square, triangle, L1 and L2 keys on the left joystick, and the round, cross, R1 and R2 keys on the right. Each will obviously be equipped with a joystick.


Claiming that its controllers would profoundly transform the way games are approached in virtual reality, Sony explains that it has made it a point of honor to promote their ergonomics to the maximum. The whole will be well balanced and pleasant to hold in hand, many tests on players with different hand sizes have obviously been carried out to achieve this result. Among these “topics” of tests, no developer at the moment, even if Sony should not delay to provide them with first prototypes. If the experience promises to be much more enjoyable than on Playstation 4, you will still have to be patient to check it out for yourself: the PSVR 2 will not be available until 2022, at best.


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