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Payday 3 will be released in 2023 and will be published by Koch Media

After having avoided bankruptcy and undergone a long restructuring, Starbreeze, developer of the Payday series, announces to have finally found a publisher that is none other than Koche Media, allowing the studio to work more serenely on Payday 3 now expected for 2023.

This is the end of a long Stations of the Cross for Starbreeze. Despite the success of its main Payday franchise with more than 28 million games sold, the Swedish studio found itself in 2019 having to find emergency funds to avoid bankruptcy following bad choices such as financing work on a VR headset. In the process, the company underwent a major restructuring by dividing its number of employees by five to ensure its survival.

Drastic decisions that seem to have allowed the studio to continue to exist, despite the departure last October of Mikael Nermark, CEO of the studio. Since then, Starbreeze has been looking for a publisher. Last January, Digital Bros, which owns the 505 Games publishing house, announced that it wanted to buy 19.2 million euros of shares in the company in order to publish the studio’s games in Europe.

Finally, it will not be Digital Bros but Koch Media that will publish the next game of Starbreeze, namely Payday 3. The publisher announces to invest up to 50 million euros to help the development of the title as well as the marketing that will surround its release now scheduled for 2023 on PC and consoles. However, in a post published on its site, the Swedish studio states that it still owns the Payday license. To celebrate the occasion, an artwork of the game was also unveiled.

PAYDAY 3 – Teaser Trailer I Fan Made ! CONCEPT Made in Mcy

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