SUV: What is it?

The acronym SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. SUV-type cars are appreciated by drivers, as they adapt to different driving circumstances and offer safety, comfort and agility. Their appearance is sporty, but some models have off-road features with 4-wheel drive.

Although their origin is American, SUVs have started to become popular in Europe and are now experiencing exponential growth. Due to their aesthetics and technical capabilities, they are highly sought after by drivers and represent the flagship product of many automakers. Thus, many models exist on the market, offered by all brands.

Characteristics of an SUV

A SUV is a vehicle with an all-terrain aesthetic, but which, due to its characteristics, is more oriented towards asphalt, although some models have 4-wheel drive.

A fundamental advantage that defines these SUV cars is the ease of driving, as they generally do not need differential blocking to fit on a terrain other than asphalt. These sports utility vehicles thus ensure good driving safety.

In addition, the interior space of SUVs is spacious and comfortable, ideal for traveling with family and carrying luggage without worrying about space. An SUV has high ceilings, which creates a feeling of space in the cockpit. Finally, it gains even more height thanks to its high suspension, which also contributes to its robust image.

The first models were equipped with bodies very similar to those of the traditional off-road segment, although with a chassis configuration closer to that of a private car. Today, the design is much more personalized and manufacturers are developing elements such as lower black plastic moldings or wide covers to give a greater sensation of volume.

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