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If you are in possession of a PS4 or PS5 console, you know that every month Sony offers you free games with the PlayStation Plus subscription. And good news, Sony is also relaunching its Play At Home program which also offers free games to players! After Destruction Allstars, Control: Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie, what are the free games of the month? Take stock!

For PlayStation console owners, we know that every month, Sony offers free games for PlayStation plus subscribers. A good plan that allows you to (re)discover creations like Middle-earth: The Shadow of War, Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition and Bugsnax (PS5) in November or Worms Rumble, Rocket Arena and Just Cause 4 in December

Last month, Sony proposed to us to enjoy the free multiplayer game Destruction Allstars, to discover Control: Ultimate Edition the exciting opus of Remedy Enternainment and to immerse us in the universe of Concrete Genre, the pretty soft of Pixelopus.

So what does Sony have in store for March 2021? Thanks to the return of the Play At Home program, players can download the iconic adventure game Ratchet & Clank, originally released in 2016 on PS4. For the owners of PS5, we take advantage of Oddworld Soulstorm. Until June, this program set up to distract playstation owners during the pandemic will offer free games each month. Another good surprise of this program this time for Japanese animation lovers: we can also benefit from an extension of the free trial period for the streaming platform Wakanim.

As for the games offered for PS Plus subscribers, they stand out in droves. The big surprise is the free Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4. On this console, you can also download Farpoint and Remnant: From the Ashes. For the owners of PS5, it is the game Model that is offered to you. Finally, the discovery of the multiplayer game Destruction Allstars is extended by one month.

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