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Instagram, Facebook, YouTube… Warning, one application on two shares your personal data!

E-mail address, browsing history, shopping, physical location… When an application is used, a lot of personal data is collected, and a study shows that 52% of applications then share your confidential data with other companies.

Each time you search for a video on YouTube, 43% of your personal data is sent to a third-party company. This collected data is used to inform the types of ads you will see before and during the videos, as well as to be sold to brands that will target you on other social media platforms. This is what pCloud’s in-depth survey of mobile applications reveals.

But Google’s platform is not the worst of its kind. For example, Instagram shares 79% of your data, including browsing history and personal information. Instagram even shares data about your recent purchases. That’s why you find more and more ads in your Instagram feed, and more ads related to recent purchases or visits to merchant sites.

The Top 10 Applications that Most Share Your Personal Data.© pCloud

52% of applications share your personal data

But how did pCloud figure that out? Simply because Apple has updated its privacy policy, and this allows us to access as much information as possible about how different applications use our data and especially about the destination of our information.

First, it should be remembered that when you install an application on your smartphone, you accept or not the general conditions of use, the TOU. No one reads them, and yet it is written in black and white: all the information collected by an application during your registration can be analyzed for their benefit and even shared. This is what you accept when validating the TOU, and it goes from your browsing history to your location, including your bank details or your health data.

In total, this study reports that 52% of applications share your data with third-party companies. They don’t just collect data, because then they share it with you and you don’t know who— And most often they get paid for it. As the saying goes, “If a product is free, you are the product”.

Here are the most secure applications for your personal data.© pCloud

Netflix, Signal, Teams… The best students in the class!

According to the chart compiled by Pcloud, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are the applications that most share your data. As you can see, they don’t all share them, but Facebook still gives away almost 60% of your data. LinkedIn and Uber Eats both sell 50%. Overall, the worst students are social networks. Just Eat or My McDonald’s also collect data, but they don’t use it or use it for their own advertising.

Are there good students? Fortunately yes! PCloud lists them and, not surprisingly, we find the Signal messaging which has the wind in the wind since Whatsapp (which belongs to Facebook) announced that it would change its terms of use and share your data in Facebook. We also discover that Skype, Microsoft Teams and Netflix do not exploit or cede your data. The same goes for Amazon, which simply uses its own advertising, without transmitting your data to third parties.

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