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How do I upload photos and videos from iCloud to Google Photos?

Apple has finally offered an online solution to transfer its videos and photos from ICloud to Google Photos. Ideal when you choose to abandon your iPhone for an Android smartphone, or when you switch from a Mac to a Chromebook or Windows 10.

For years, this has been a headache faced by any iPhone or Mac user: how do you transfer hundreds, if not thousands, of photos and videos stored in iCloud, Apple’s cloud service? Even if you can access iCloud from a computer or any mobile phone, you can’t easily transfer all your data and store it somewhere else.

But after years of criticism, Apple has finally given up, and offered a tool to transfer all its data from iCloud to its competitor Google Photos. This means that it will be very easy to switch from an iPhone to an Android smartphone to retrieve all of your old photos, or simply to centralize all your photos and videos on Google Photos. Zonegtech explains how doing this.

How do I send iCloud photos to Google Photos?

To do this, everything happens on the Internet, and you have to go to the Apple Privacy page, Enter the email linked to your iCloud account and then your password. This is a two-factor authentication, and a code is sent to your iPhone or Mac. If this is not the case, click You did not receive a code, and choose Send me an SMS. You will then receive a six-digit code that must be entered in the boxes to connect.

Dual authentication requires having an Apple device near you or agreeing to receive an SMS

Once this is done, a new page is displayed, and in the Transfer a copy of your data section, select Request a copy of your data. Of course, check beforehand that you have enough storage space for the transfer to be possible. For now, only Google Photos is available, and in the Select a destination drop-down list, click Google Photos. Then check what you want to transfer (Photos and/or Videos) and click Continue.

It’s up to you to check what you want to transfer

Allow Apple to access Google Photos

Warning, it’s not over. Concretely, Apple will request permission to access your Google Photos account to transfer the data. Select your account, if you have more than one, then click Allow in the first window and then click Allow again. Once this is done, return to the data transfer window, and click Confirm Transfers.

Three to seven days are required for file transfer

You then receive two emails. The first from Google that warns you that Apple has requested permission to access your account. The second from Apple that warns you that the data transfer will take 3 to 7 days. An email is also sent when the operation is completed.

An email will notify you of the beginning of the copying of the files

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