Qualcomm will boost high-resolution music for wireless audio systems

The manufacturer of mobile processors Qualcomm has just announced the implementation of a certification called Snapdragon Sound for smartphones and wireless audio systems. With this label, the brand wants to benefit from an audiophile sound from wired quality, but wireless. It is mainly intended for the high-end market.

Guaranteeing optimal audio quality from smartphone to ear, this is the goal of the label that the founder Qualcomm has just announced. Simply named Snapdragon Sound, it focuses on the quality of audio broadcast via headphones, headphones, or wireless speakers. A certification that involves adhering to precise specifications. Binding criteria that will certainly position this label only on mobiles and high-end accessories.

As proof, only smartphones powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 will be able to be labeled at first. Then, these same mobiles will have to integrate both the Bluetooth FastConnect 6900 as well as the amplifier of the brand. So much for smartphones, but on the accessories side, they will also have to board the manufacturer’s dedicated chips with models like QCC515x, QCC514x or QCC3056.

A complete system for audio quality

That’s not all, the devices will also have to be compatible with the optics Adaptive, optics Voice Audio protocol. In addition to adapting the compression according to the quality of the network, they promise to eliminate the latency time, reduce the surrounding noise and make specialized audio recordings. For the moment, these two technologies are only found on models of very highend helmets. With this type of quality label appealing to users.

For the moment, there are a few candidate who have confirmed their interest in this Snapdragon Sound Label.What we do know is that the audiophile brand Audio-Technica is on track to offer certified headphones soon.

On the Mobile manufacturers’ side, only the Chinese Xiaomi showed up, with the upcoming release of a smartphone ans earphone labeled Snapdragon Sound

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