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Do you really know the eSport sector?

Officially recognized in France since 2016, eSport is gradually gaining its letters of nobility. Schools to become pro gamers or to evolve in the e-gaming sector are developing throughout the territory, proof that the job market has opened up to this new economy.

Video games and players are often the victims of prejudices and are regularly quoted in the front of newspapers during various events. Here is a little clarification to unravel the truth of a very dynamic sector of activity.

Video games weigh on economic sector

TRUE. According to the Syndicat des éditeurs de logiciels de loisirs (S.E.L.L.), the turnover of the video game market in France reached 4.8 billion euros in 2019, achieving its second best performance after a historic year in 2018. And 2020 promises to be a very promising year as it sets a record for spending on video games worldwide for the month of April. According to figures from Superdata, video games generated $10.5 billion in this month alone, after the $10 billion in revenues recorded in March. The figures for May confirm this enthusiasm for video games during the lockdown period with $10.2 billion in total revenues. Also according to Superdata, the global market recorded a record year in 2019 with $120.1 billion in revenue generated.

Video games only interest boys

FALSE. Most of the February 2020 video game, published by S.E.L.L. shows that 48% of players are players! So we are far from being exclusive to men. Their average age is 39, compared to 42 for men. France also has a world champion in the person of Marie-Laure Norindr, better known under the pseudonym of Kayane, a professional player who became world champion of SoulCalibur and Super Street Fighter IV. She holds the Guinness record for the number of podiums in competition on combat video games with 42 medals.

The eSport environment is only for geeks

FALSE. Video games and eSport are not about geeks! Video games are aimed at all audiences and all generations. Of course it is better to be passionate to evolve in this sector, especially since it does not only concern professional players, but a multitude of professions ranging from the communication manager to the graphic designer, from streamer to community manager or from data analyst to event organizer. The so-called technical profiles are not the exclusive domain of video games! Geeks are also often associated with isolated people, but many network games show on the contrary that players have a lot of social interactions and that they share a lot with each other.

Video games have never been a sport

TRUE and FALSE. This is true because historically, video games are above all a hobby. With the evolution of technology and society, its uses have been circumvented. The emergence of networked video games, virtual reality, Internet broadcast channels and sports business have brought about a new ecosystem. Today, sponsors are vying for players and professional competitions, and pro gamers are training and have a lifestyle similar to that of «recognized» athletes.

eSport will become an Olympic discipline

TRUE. Proof that video games have become a sport in their own right, eSports is becoming an Olympic discipline. They were to be present on the sidelines of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, postponed due to Covid-19, in order to be presented to a large international audience. The IOC decided not to register it for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games because they do not want «anything to do with these games where people are killing each other» explains Thomas Bach, President of the IOC. Discussions are therefore continuing to arrive at a compromise to finalize this bid.

There are specialized schools in eSport

TRUE. Many schools have opened their doors in recent years to respond to this excitement and new industry. Some offer training to become pro gamers, others specialize in the video game sector and its many professions. And places are expensive, as many candidates want to cross the doors of these new campuses. These specialized schools, like XP, offer training dedicated to the video game sector by combining theoretical program and professional experience.


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