The Top 5 Call Of Duty who is the best market in the world

A true saga of the world of video games, Call Of Duty continues to mark generations by offering ever more realistic and addictive opus. This series is one of the best-selling in the history of video games.

This FPS (first person shooter) offers a first person view and plunges us into a context of World War I during the first 3 episodes, then into a universe of modern fictional wars.

Call Of Duty, COD for aficionado, is one of the most «streamed» video games on the «streamers» channels of the live video streaming platform Twitch. There are many good plans (like the vip shop site) to buy the game at more advantageous prices by buying only the CD key that allows you to play online, like for example Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War key PC or Console

  • So what are the 5 best Call Of Duty opus in history?

5e Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (2012)

This opus takes place during the Cold War. It offers a freedom of choice never seen before in missions. This scenario system allows the player to choose the destiny he wishes to take. Black Ops 2 also features a zombie mode that players particularly enjoy.

4e Call of Duty : World at War (2008)

World at War is in the context of the Second World War and, more particularly, the Battle of the Pacific. The players’ feedback is formal: it is an ultra-addictive episode that really plunges us into a front context combining claustrophobia and surrounding stress. It is simply the most enduring license of the Call of saga.

3e Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 (2009)

Modern Warfare 2 is the logical sequel to Modern Warfare. By correcting the shortcomings of its elder and adding rare scriptwriting subtleties, the publisher of Call of Duty has made this opus into the top of the best video games in the world on all platforms. Gamers particularly appreciate its cooperation mode which allows to carry out missions in duo.

2Call of Duty : Black Ops (2010)

Black Ops takes place in the context of the Cold War in the 4 corners of the world and especially in Vietnam. This opus is distinguished by an absolutely incredible gameplay. Addictive multiplayer modes and a neat soundtrack make it the 2nd most appreciated «Call of» in history.

1er Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare (2007, remaster 2016)

It is Modern Warfare that wins the bet and its domination is unequivocal: video game magazines and players give it the best score. In a context of crisis in the Middle East, it offers a revolutionary multiplayer mode that continues to mark generations, which prompted the publisher to remaster it in 2016.

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