Eyeware Beam:This iPhone app follows your eyes during games

Mainly dedicated to players who put their games online, or influencers, Eyeware Beam transforms the iPhone’s camera into an eye-tracking tool. Placed next to the computer, the iPhone app allows you to do without accessories to change the angle of view of a scene, for example.

No need for a joystick, mouse, or keyboard to change the angle of view on a specific area of the screen during a game. A simple look can do that. How? Thanks to a technology called Eye-tracking. Otherwise known in French as oculommetry, it is nothing new and makes it possible to identify precisely the area a person is looking at, thanks to the pointing of an infrared light towards his eye. A camera then raises the reflections of the light and the machinery delivers the precise positioning of the gaze. This process usually requires quite expensive accessories, but at CES 2021, a Swiss startup named Eyeware managed to make it accessible provided it was equipped with a recent iPhone combined with a computer

Just follow my eyes!

Dubbed Eyeware Beam, the beta app takes advantage of the TrueDepth cameras used by Face ID to unlock the iPhone. The technology is then diverted to follow and model in 3D the movements of the user’s eyes or head. During the game, the mobile phone placed next to the computer screen will continuously analyze the movements of the eyes and the head of the player and transfer the data to a compatible software linked to the computer.

The team unveiled the use of this system with Beam’s Eye-tracking option with Flight Simulator 2020. The eyes can then be directly on the instruments on the instrument panel of an aircraft and change the angle of view, much like wearing an VR helmet. The Eyeware team also explained that its application

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