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11 Reasons You Should Buy A PLAYSTATION 5 At Launch

for the first time since we learned about the playstation 5 we can safely say that we actually have a lot of information about the console , sure we still don’t know about the price but we know so much about the console that we’re actually looking forward to launch day , there are many reasons to get excited about the PS 5 whether it’s the exclusives the SSD or the incredible hardware under the hood whatever the case may be we are just as excited as you so let’s take a look at all the reasons why you should pick up a PS 5 at launch day.

Exclusive games let’s be honest the main reason why you’re considering getting a PS 5 in the first place is because of those games , considering the ps4 had much better exclusives than the Xbox one you have plenty of reasons to be excited about all the incredible PS 5 exclusives we’ve seen so far as you know games are the most important selling point for a console if you have amazing games then you get sales it’s as simple as that and Sony is well aware of it on PS 5 will be getting 9 exclusives at or shortly after launch those games include Astros ,playroom, Demon Souls Destruction all-stars, Grand Turismo 7 ,horizon Forbidden ,West Marvel’s spider-man Miles Morales ,Ratchet and Clank rift apart, return alanda hoi a big adventure all of these games will take advantage of the tech inside the PS 5 and looked great at the June reveal event we’re most excited for horizon forbiden west and spider-man Miles Morales and hope they continue from where they left off on ps4 but what games are you most excited for let us know in the comments ?

SSD as we saw in the Ratchet and Clank ripped apart gameplay trailer the solid-state drive on the PS 5 is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in a console capable of loading entire worlds in sheer milliseconds considering how we’re so used to loading screens at this point it’s going to be a huge generational leave to get rid of them entirely, seriously just the thought of loading screens disappearing from open-world games has us jumping for joy now for the specs of the SSD the PS 5 will be using a custom 825 gigabyte solid state drive which is a very odd amount of storage since we expected at least a terabyte , but hey Sony knows what they’re doing because those read and write speeds are something else in fact the PS wives SSD blows the series X right out of the water it’s capable of five point five to nine gigabytes per second speeds which is blazing fast even for a solid-state drive , on the other hand the Xbox Series X’s SSD is much less impressive as it’s only capable of 2.4 to 6 gigabytes per second what this means is that games should load quite a bit faster on the PS 5 compared to the series X hopefully eliminating loading screens for good we’re not gonna miss them that’s for sure.

Dual sense the new dual sends controller is another reason why you should get the PS 5 at launch it looks like the best one yet the dual sense will support haptic feedback which will add a variety of powerful sensations will feel when we play sony mentioned these slow grittiness of driving a car through mud as something that will feel through haptic feedback , so Gran Turismo 7 should really showcase this feature the controller will also have adaptive triggers in the l2 and r2 buttons which will allow us to truly feel the tension of our actions sony highlighted drawing a bow to shoot an arrow as something will be able to feel through adaptive triggers so horizon Forbidden West could really showcase this when alloy uses her bow and arrow the share button has been replaced with the create button on the dual sense that’ll be used to stream take pictures and record video clips , the controller also comes with a built-in microphone that could be used to communicate with teammates although for longer sessions a headset is definitely recommended it even comes with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack as well as USB C support instead of microUSB which is a huge step forward , we don’t know anything about battery life yet but we sure hope the dual sense lasts longer than the DualShock for that controller was basically a wired one.

Visuals graphics have always been one of the most important aspects of gaming but if you expect to see a huge difference between visuals on the ps4 and PS 5 then you might be disappointed sure games will definitely look better on the PS 5 but it won’t be a huge leap like say a ps2 to ps3 still we do expect ps5 graphics to get better over time just like with the ps4 take a game that came out in 2014 on the ps4 and compare it to a game like The Last of Us part two the difference is night and day on top of these incremental graphical improvements will be seeing improved and more consistent frame rates , developers will try to make 60 PS the minimum frame rate for their games with a hundred twenty fps being the ultimate goal we’ll also be seeing more native 4k resolutions instead of the tricks the ps4 pro was using one of the most exciting new features has to be rate racing which will significantly improve lighting in the way it bounces off of objects and shapes well it might not be a huge generational leap visuals will certainly be improved on the PS 5 digital edition Sony surprised everyone of the June reveal event when they announced that not one but two PS 5 consoles would be released during the holiday season of 2020 , the standard PS 5 with a blu-ray disc drive and the PS 5.

Digital edition unlike Microsoft’s Xbox Series X that at this moment only has one option with a disc drive Sony decided to give gamers who buy all their games digitally an option as well not only does the digital edition look more symmetrical than the standard PS 5 which is a big deal for those with OCD it’ll also be less expensive which is huge for gamers on a budget , now since we don’t know the price of the PS 5 yet it’s all just rumors right now but the PS 5 digital edition may only be 50 dollars cheaper than the standard PS 5 which is pretty disappointing actually if it was $100 cheaper that’s a really good deal but 50 bucks isn’t a whole lot of money saved whatever the case may be we’re just happy we have options when it comes to the PS 5.

3D audio a feature that may have flown a bit under the radar is 3d audio despite the ps4 having amazing audio already it was far from perfect according to Sony they believe the engine in the ps3 worked much better so they tried to make one more similar to that in the PS 5 , they could have gone with Dolby Atmos but decided to make their own 3d audio engine called tempest 3d audio tech so they could focus on creating excellent audio for all the different set ups players use including TV speakers headphones a sound bar surround sound and more 3d audio is mainly going to help players with locality there will be five different tuning options available with the console at launch become the best one for your own unique hearing situation will make it easier to track exactly where sound is coming from instead of just knowing its general direction in fact the sound is supposedly going to be so realistic that you may think it’s actually coming from the real world which is kind of trippy but weird to get fully immersed in next-gen gaming.

Expandable storage we touched a little bit on PS 5 storage already but let’s take a more in-depth look at all the storage options we have with the console of course you have the 825 gigabyte solid state drive that comes with the console that’s a given but you also have a good amount of expandable storage options ,yes even though the console comes with a solid-state drive you can plug an external hard drive into the console , of course it could only be used for ps4 games but it’s an option for you if you don’t want to redownload all your ps4 games onto your PlayStation 5s SSD the console will also come with a built in expansion bay for an additional solid-state drive now you can’t just grab any solid-state drive on the market and install it in your PS 5 it’s not gonna work like that the PS 5 will only be compatible with certain m2 SSDs and sony will eventually release a list of which ones are compatible with the console storage is one of the areas where the series X has Sony beat with its one terabyte solid-state drive but this expansion Bay makes that difference a much smaller deal.

Improved CPU and GPU of course all those improvements wouldn’t be possible without the incredibly powerful CPU and GPU in the PS 5 the hardware inside the ps4 was far from impressive and became outdated fairly early in the consoles life cycle on the other hand the hardware inside the PS 5 is a huge step up and is more similar to a gaming PC than the ps4 ever was as for the specs of the CPU and GPU the PS I will feature a custom 8 core AMD Zen 2 CPU clocked at a variable frequency and a custom GPU based on AMD SR DNA – architecture capable of producing 10.28 teraflops clocked at a variable frequency.

Virtual reality ok it might be a bit odd to bring up virtual realities and sony hasn’t set a peep about it in what feels like forever but it’s still worth mentioning well the PS VR 2 headset may not be launching alongside the PS 5 if you’re into VR it’s never really too early to get prepared and you could do that by getting the PlayStation 5 at launch by doing just that when psvr 2 does eventually come out you’ll already have a PS 5 so you’ll be ready to go plus it’s going to become paddle with the first-generation psvr anyway so you could still use that headset.

If need be head start on next gen while most of our entries have focused on specific ps5 features honestly isn’t it just awesome to get a new console on day one so you’re ahead of the pack and getting that next gen experience as soon as possible we certainly think so the PS 5s features are incredible and we live in the generation of instant gratification so who the hack has the patience to twiddle their thumbs and wait for the right time when you could buy a PS 5 immediately at lunch we sure don’t we want to take advantage of all.

Bonus backwards-compatibility you thought we were done oh no we got a bonus entry to get into and that’s backwards compatibility initially it seems like another area where the Xbox Series X has the PS 5 beat but is it as important as everyone is making it out to be we don’t really think so if you think about it backwards compatibility is only really important for year 1 and most people are only going to want to play ps4 games on PS 5 anyway so it’s not that big of a deal if they can’t play ps1 ps2 or ps3 games on the console as well Microsoft may just be playing it up as being more important than it actually is to get sales by focusing their marketing on the areas where their console is better than the PS 5 plus there’s a recent patent leak that indicates we might actually get ps1 ps2 and ps3 backwards compatibility on the PS 5 so Sony could end up one upping Microsoft anyway only time will tell .
And that’s why we think you should buy the PlayStation 5 at launch what do you think are you getting the PS 5 at launch what PS 5 features are you most excited to experience let us know in the comment .


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