I want to take a few minutes with this Topic to go over three very interesting topics that have popped up recently we’re going to talk about the possibility of playstation 5 pre-order information price information release date information finally going live next week this promotional image that’s been going around showcasing a custom black and red PlayStation 5 and the supposed image of a dual sense controller being out in the wild .

First let me know if you guys are happy that the dual sense controller is much bigger I know people like the size of the DualShock 4 but many have also really liked how the Xbox one controller fills out your hand , so comment below if you like that the PS 5 dual sense controller is bigger let me know down in the comments below,now diving into the first story of the topic the supposed leaked dual sense controllers ,

so this picture originates from reset era and has been circulating the internet for the last 24 hours I want to say it shows off the dual sense controller angled the to showcase the bottom side of the controller with the headphone jack mic etc when I first saw this my brain went straight to this being a fake a 3d print a photoshopped image I’m sure people remember or might not remember these supposes that leaked PlayStation 5 console image from I’m not sure how far back at this point but that one looked legitimate as well but we know that Sony is producing their consoles at this point with things ramping up further as we go into the summer and this would include the dual Sense controller so the timing of itmakes sense to leek now , and from the image it definitely looks to be pretty substantial in size but I wonder if that’s just the way the photo is taken or it could very well be the person holding it just has smaller hands if you take the dual sense controller and Dualshock 4 controller and line them up on their sticks

you can see that the dual sense controller is dirtier than the DualShock 4 but not just completely overshadowing it and being just ridiculous sleeeeep massive , if you look at the DualShock 4 from an angle you can tell it looks much smaller again though it could be the angle the person’s hand from the original image either way though I don’t think the dual sense controller is going to bring back xbox original Duke vibes to 2020 I don’t know if any of you remember that controller but that thing was massive , this could be a faked image but the timing of this leak does make sense you guys let me know if you think this controller image of the dual sense controller is a fake or not let me know down in the comments below .

Now diving into the second story of the Topic this supposed promotional image containing a red and black PlayStation 5 so when I first saw this I was personally thinking no way something like this would leak from some random promotional image this apparently is Sony marketing material but I still don’t believe this console is a real product for now anyways , if you guys can’t tell at this point it’s pretty clear that if Sony doesn’t want to leak something it won’t leak , I’m sure everyone can agree that leaks at this point our promotional tactics companies used to garner attraction more traction for their products or gain essentially free feedback from the market that’s not to say every leak is like this but look at PlayStation with PlayStation 5 the controller didn’t leak the console didn’t leak but an all-black console which many people were shouting for leaked via a random promotional image that doesn’t seem likely to me maybe later in the console lifecycle but definitely not now  ,putting my thoughts to the side though let’s look at the facts you can easily look at the image and look at the top side of the PlayStation 5 and see the blue light fade from the original PlayStation 5

counsel the official playstation 5 console and as for the controller you can still see the white part of the original handles this is simply a Photoshop image of what was originally a regular PlayStation 5 let me know if you would buy a black and red PlayStation 5 over what we have now I personally would but what about you guys let me the comments below .

Now diving into the final story of this Topic PS 5 pre-order release , date , price information possibly going live next week more specifically on Monday , so the story all originated from Roberto Serrano over on Twitter replying to Jeff Grubb letting him know pre-order price and release date information would be revealed on or before July 13th which is this upcoming Monday , again people are giving him the time of day mainly because he got the PS 5 second that reveal date correct but I’ll say this looking around the internet I’ve heard he’s gotten other things correct as well but I haven’t personally seen them, apparently though there won’t be an event for this revealed but rather it’ll be a PlayStation blog post with all of this information and considering how Sony has been actively using the PlayStation Blog in recent memory I can personally believe that he commented on the matter last night stating the following anything isn’t changed at now in July 13th

we discover all the dates about release and start of pre-order , pre-order can be in different date than the announcement 1 so basically he’s still sticking to the Monday timeframe forwhen all of this information will be revealed not necessarily when pre-orders will actually go live I also thought about Sony revealing the case design for the PS 5 this week because if they’re talking pre-order information next week they have to reveal what the covers will look like for when people pre-order the games .


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