Xbox BEATS Sony’s PlayStation 5 REVEAL :Xbox Series X Has HUGE Advantage VS Ps5

Phil Spencer the head of Xbox you know the guy making all the decisions when it comes to gaming at Microsoft just had one amazing interview not only did he go into the X cloud in the future there he also went into game paths and how it’s going to shape what they do for a very long time but most of all he talked about how he feels about the future of Xbox compared to the competitors , that’s right he talked about how he feels in regards to what they have ready to show us the gamers this coming July and like always he was very confident when he spoke but most of all he admitted that they hadn’t listened to fans and they heard our complaints about the last Xbox show and like I’ve said before , I feel even better when a company admits they had to stop and rethink how they market their product due to their fans giving them feedback , so I want to get into this interview and discuss the main points Phil Spencer brought up because it was a pretty long interview and there was a lot said but most of all there is a lot of positive news surrounding Xbox not to mention a little bit of shade thrown towards PlayStation and how loud their console is no , I’m not joking he legit made a comment that inadvertently destroyed the PlayStation 4 ‘he’s very popular jet engine console sound either way let’s get into this interview and see exactly what was said.

So the first thing I want to talk about has to be what Phil Spencer said about the PS 5 show and how he feels about the July event coming up , and you know what I have to say I have high expectations for the July event I really do think this will be the time Xbox shows a lot of games and most of those will be first party I mean for the last several years they’ve been working on games that have invested so much money in their Studios that now is the time to show them , not to mention it’s the only time to show it considering the Xbox Series X is coming out this holiday season , so they must show what they have now and from what Phil Spencer is saying in this interview Xbox knows that’s exactly what they have to do , especially when he was asked about the ps5 reveal event and what he thought after seeing the show at first he complimented Jim Ryun and said he contacted him and said good show and that they were impressed with what Sony had a show but after the formalities were done he revealed what he truly thought about the show and how it stacks up to Xbox here’s what he had to say.

Phil I’m just being honest I felt good after seeing the Sony show I think the hardware advantages that we’ve built will show up as we are talking more about our games frame rates and other things , I feel good about July in the gameplay we are going to be showing there in those few sentences .

Phil Spencer exemplifies exactly what separates Xbox from all their other competitors and one of the biggest advantages Xbox does have is the hardware that the Xbox Series X is going to provide not only with the CPU and GPU power but also the software they have developed within the hardware but not only that he literally says he feels really good about their show after seeing the show Sony put up, I mean really come on that’s so confident and I have to admit , I enjoyed the PlayStation 5 show they brought out some great games that I’m extremely excited about and if this was any other year I would say that Xbox has a tall order ahead of them to top that show but after seeing the marketing push Xbox has been doing and all the awesome studios they’ve brought in and all the investment in first-party , I feel they’re going to show up and actually try to top this event well this quote right here does indicate that rumor was true and that’s not all ,he also mentions the first party lineup and how they feel very good about what they have ready to show in the July event .

You know the giant event that was confirmed by Xbox all the way back in May were they had their first showing the May event where they showed third party games and exclusive third party games that were running on the Xbox series X, now I know this event wasn’t met with a positive reaction from a lot of gamers which Phil Spencer points out when he says this the hardware advantages that we’ve built will show up I feel good about our games lineup and our first party content show in July we taking user feedback from the last event and I think people would be pleased about what will be showcased , I mean he said they took the feedback from the last event and are ready to showcase what they have which will please a lot of people let’s hope that promise is kept because right now they have no excuses and they must show gameplay yet again something Phil Spencer mentions saying they will have halo infinite gameplay there and they think it’s going to impress a lot of people especially since halo is the biggest franchise Xbox has and of course this interview was put up after halos Twitter account put that a tree aux recording online and it had the whole gaming world going crazy including me , but to me the best quote in this whole interview has to be what he said right after this where he talked about the design of the Xbox Series X and who it’s built for here’s what he had to say we really set up to be player led in designing the Xbox Series X we want the power inside of the console to be predictable and to be easy to develop for.

Now this is something I find to be one of the best features of the Xbox console the fact that developers are able to make a very easy transition to the next generation Xbox , because I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again the most important customer Xbox has is the developer because they’re the ones making the games for us to enjoy they put the hard work into making the games and aren’t always given the easy task of making these games on optimized hardware,and hearing that they made the development process on the Xbox series X familiar does make me smile , especially one the dirt v developer who just had an interview with Major Nelson said the same thing that it wasn’t a hard task making their game on the Xbox series X and that the tools to make games on it were almost the same for the Xbox one.

That’s such a great thing for developers because it brings familiarity back for them and it makes them transition to the next generation even better and get more out of the hardware sooner , but Phil Spencer didn’t leave Sonia he had nice things to say about them and how their success has made them want to be better here’s what he had to say Sony did a great job with their event I’ll also say as a gamer it’s nice to see both of us out there in competing I think the competition leads to better , outcomes for both companies and I love that, if you’ve been watching any of my videos you know I always say competition is great for one type of person which is us the gamers ,I’d love to see Sony and Xbox go head-to-head and compete in Hardware games features at everything else in between and it’s great to see Phil Spencer actually agree with that sentiment and even promote it saying it brings out positive outcomes for both companies that to me shows that they are self-aware and understand that a lot of the first party games Sony has brought out our great and highly rated which in turn makes Xbox want to do the same or even make better games to compete something they didn’t do for a very long time but now seem dead set on doing just that especially when it comes to the diversity of games Xbox has been making the last couple of years to be they have the most diverse first party games , I’ve ever seen no matter what platform you like and Phil Spencer points that out as the article says right here with regards to how Microsoft intends to measure up its upcoming first party content with Sony’s acclaimed PlayStation exclusives the head of gaming at Microsoft said the goal will be to replicate what other people have done he also added he’s proud of the diversity of content that the Xbox game studios are creating and mention it’ll be a mainstay going forward.

You know I’m actually glad he said this because I honestly love playing different types of games I never want to play the same type of game day in and day out one day I’ll play a first-person shooter and enjoy myself the next I’m playing Orion trying to solve complex puzzles or get through a tough part of the game and the next day I’m playing with my friends on minecraft dungeons and having a blast that’s something I think a lot of first party developers going against Xbox just don’t have , they don’t have the diverse lineup that really shaken up the type of games I play every single day , but the game that really sold me on Xbox wanting to make diverse games has to be Gears tactics , I mean that game really surprised me I beat it in one weekend and had a blast doing it I loved every single minute but again it was a completely different game that Xbox decided to make and I appreciate that they did , so let’s hope they continue to do that and with the hardware advantages and the diverse first party Xbox game studios they have I expect them to do just that , and it’s something that I think we’ll see what Expo has their big July event I don’t expect to see just big triple-a games , I expect to see some surprises and maybe some diverse games we didn’t see coming along with those Triple A games and that excites me because I want to see new experiences and play games that I didn’t even know I wanted something like SIA thieves which I fell in love with and you know what I didn’t even know , I wanted that type of game but now let’s get into the savage moment of the interview where Phil Spencer takes a shot at Sony and they’re super loud ps4 and Ps4 pro consoles , I mean come on I don’t think he meant to say this but made it come out like he was taking a shot here’s what he had to say , we want to hear the games first , not our console.

I mean come on that’s such a savage thing to say and the guy interviewing him was on camera and kind of started giggling and I felt he was caught off guard by the statement now I know Phil Spencer is a super nice guy and is always trying to give props to Sony and other competitors in the gaming industry.

So when I heard him say that I honestly paused the video went back to hear it again in case I misheard him nope , he said it and it made me laugh because the ps4 pro I have is super loud I mean at times I feel like a Helicarrier from the Avengers are starting up to fly away but , alright alright all jokes aside I found this to be pretty funny and it made me laugh out loud actually but either way I think he was trying to say he wants the
games to do the talking not the console , while the console is awesome and most people are talking about it right now because it’s new and we’re about to get our hands on them in a couple of months but wants the game should be the vocal point and he wants them to be the reason you buy the console , not the hardware and the cool tech behind it which if you ask me is still important but instead by the games that are coming to the console ,because they’re going to be possible, because of that hardware it’s a great selling point and it’s something I can’t wait to see happen and I have to say this interview was very well done I thought the questions were very well put together I thought what Phil Spencer how to say shed some light on the future of Xbox and I thought the whole thing was a great listen.

I highly recommend everyone to check it out because it got me not only excited for the July event that’s only a couple of weeks away but it got me excited to be an Xbox fan , you know what scratch that it got me excited to be a gaming fan because I know that Xbox and Sony will battle it out in order to get my dollar ,now that’s what I call customer friendly but enough of what I think about all of this tell me what you think about all of this do you like what Phil Spencer had to say in the interview did you laugh at the shot he took at Sony what games do you want to see at the July event , well Xbox have enough games to battle what the PS 5 showed what advantages do you think Xbox has over Sony for this July event , do you think we’ll get the price of the Xbox series X at the July.


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