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FIFA 21: The first glimpse of the game

today is a very incredibly special day as we are about to get off first glimpse at FIFA 21

Video game producer Electronic Arts takes it to the next level by presenting the new 2021 edition of the FIFA saga, based on ultra-realism. Unique gaming sensations thanks to the haptic controllers of PlayStation 5, more realistic stadium atmospheres, players who put their shin guards back in place at the 89th minute or those who shout to claim the ball. These are the little new things that video game players could discover during the night of Thursday to Friday, during an EA Play conference.
In a short trailer video mixed between FIFA and the American football game Madden NFL, football fans got a first glimpse of the new installment of the saga. Kylian Mbappé who is preparing to take a penalty during a decisive Champions League match at the Parc des Princes, a volley by Eden Hazard in the middle of the Madrid derby in a hot Santiago-Bernabeu, a decisive header by Virgil van Djik against Manchester City in the Premier League or the public of Anfield who continues to push his team: this is the few pictures that fans of the saga could see in this short trailer. The American firm has also announced that it will give more details on the gameplay and game modes in August.

first look at FIFA let’s go , I mean it looks great but like just they’ve mixed the trail in here with Madden gradual hope that went in the more they show us when the champions here guys the better has to be real “next
level sports” .

Well that was actually all we got feet anyone guys we always stayed up for an hour midnight UK time to watch and but they take a penalty just being completely real I expected a lot more especially for the next generation of
the consoles and yeah, I think I probably speak for all of us that that was a big disappointment to not see any real dedicated FIFA trailer I did they said I did that intro about two hours ago prior to a play and I was expecting a full on official trailer .

I just “wow” very surprised yeah so lemme know you guys think about the the new snippet fee of 21, I would we can call it a full trailer because it literally just isn’t,I feel very disappointed to be honest in that let me know what you think describe that whole event of EA plane one word I want you guys to be completely honest , so some good news guys you I’ve got my team a landfill with unfilled there’s with some nice graphics there we’ve. Also gotten bad pay taking a bouncy I did say this before I think about they might have missed that penalty and also got van Dijk that in fact if i zoom in icons have been that one so Van Dyck right there with again Topsy months as you Kevin de Bruyne I guess looking at the ball yeah I’m just really really shocked that it wasn’t , more right also there has been this leaked image of the ones to watch card design and more info is hearsay got the limbs time bonus Evan untradable foot 21 one sort item three days of early access to take note by the way guys of the sixth of October is the new release date that’s probably the latest fee for release day you ever seen , career mode homegrown talent cover star alone alone items for five matches of total 24 rare gold packs two per week for 12 weeks and then more in four hey guys on dual teittleman but yeah , I kind of feel like that we’re all hyped about this event for about what we’re saying guys the past like maybe two weeks ish , I just feel like damn I expected a hell of a lot more let me know what you guys think what do you want how to feve 21 also guys to share some news regarding p21 the engine is also frostbites not the Unreal Engine but yeah that was the fee of twenty one snippet guys it wasn’t a full-on trailer I think we all expect a lot more we didn’t really get anything
and the next info I believe is in August so yeah madness but lemonho– you guys think about the whole and you can’t call that a trailer let’s be real but the release date is October 6 as well ultimate team has some new info there guys with the rare gold packs and stuff but yeah just feel like Dan we’re all hyped for this event and there was a lot more on Madden there was a lot more on obviously skate for Star Wars loads more on the original EA games and we just got a bad pay taking a penalty van Dijk going for a header and yeah I don’t know.

I’m just reacting like really just yeah straight up right now and just give my opinion I just don’t I just expect a lot more.


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