10 XBOX Microsoft MISTAKES They Want You To Forget

Microsoft has had a ton of successes with Xbox but what about the times they screwed up hi folks its Falcon and today on zonegtech 10 Microsoft Xbox mistakes they want you to forget .

number 10

That time they announced the Xbox one console Would shift the focus to home entertainment instead of games which by the way has got to be one of the worst ideas ever when you’ve had such a successful game console for, so many years it’s really hard to imagine what kind of brain worms you must have that you would say it’s not really gonna be gaming focused anymore and yeah they did show off halo it’s not like they completely removed the emphasis from games , but Sony realized exactly the mistake they made and took advantage of it being like PlayStation it’s a games console , you know Microsoft had to pull this massive course correction in which they garnered a number of headlines saying Microsoft shifts emphasis of Xbox one console to games which I mean even when you’re reporting on them doing the good thing that sounds so ridiculous and dumb.

number 9

The hololens hey remember was supposed to be a really cool augmented reality project in which you could put a headset on and play minecraft in your living room do you remember that tech demo was super slick really cool, and got me personally excited about the hololens and then nothing really happened and then they did the hololens too and what like , I don’t even know if it got released to retail it’s that nothing they screwed up a demo pretty badly having to literally stop in the middle of it and the demo.
Itself wasn’t even that impressive in the first place and the hololens to the second generation of this technology has been shown to us over a course of years is still only available for developers what probably should have been something amazing is kind of man in every way moving on.

number 8

One for the Xbox 360 Microsoft decided you know what don’t need to do an up as far as storage media is concerned , yes the PlayStation 3 is gonna have blu-ray uh-huh , we know we’re gonna use DVD yeah which as you know like comparing blu-ray and DVD is a massive technical limitation a DVD holds 4.7 gigabytes of data well a blu-ray holds 50 gigabytes of data it’s not even close and in mitigate things on.

The movie release watching Microsoft released an HD DVD accessory which was a format that just didn’t have a chance compared to blu-ray they literally discontinued it a couple of years later, nobody was buying movies on HD DVD because well everybody who bought a PlayStation 3 had a blu-ray player not that the PlayStation 3 outsold the Xbox 360 by any stretch but just like with regular DVD with the PlayStation 2 the PlayStation 3 vastly expanded the adoption of blu-ray .

number 7

The original Xbox one costs $500 in European markets and 140 at 429 pounds in the UK which was just a ridiculous price when compared to the $400 PlayStation 4 which they had already emphasized is concentrated on games games games games was the drum they were beating this pricing mistake was such a big flub for them , they’re still talking about it when they talk about the Xbox Series X.

They’ve said specifically that they intend to rectify this problem which indicates this many years in that it was such a huge mistake and denied them a lot of momentum at the launch of the console work for this generation.
I mean if you think about it when the original Xbox one launched they were dealing with the perception that they couldn’t stay on a single course first announcing that.

They were going to focus on home entertainment and then on games and then that you were stuck with a Kinect and then that it was $100 more than its competitor it was just really not a good start.

number 6

the red ring of, if you remember the original xbox 360’s launch and the red ring of death you would remember just how absolutely bonkers that whole thing was and it ended up costing them literally a billion dollars the reason for that is because they ended up having to extend their warranty to three years to replace and repair every single red ring of death Xbox because well let’s just say it was so many of them it was very clearly not something they were going to just skirt by on people aren’t just gonna spend another few hundred dollars on a new console because the other one, they bought literally doesn’t turn on Peter Moore has said if they hadn’t spent that over 1 billion dollars , they never would have been able to make the Xbox one because consumer faith would have been shattered to such a point that, there wouldn’t have been a point.

number 5

the fact that the Xbox 360 itself would scratch the discs that you put into it eventually to the point of not working yes not only would the console overheat and eventually not be even able to turn on the Xbox 360.
Actually scratched discs as in you would put in a disc and as it would read data from it it may slowly scratch it now anyone even vaguely familiar with discs knows that’s really bad and it’s definitely not something that ,anybody wanted to hear could be reproduced in a lab which is what people had to do in order to confirm this was happening now keep in mind this only affected less than one percent of Xbox 360s so while it obviously isn’t good in any way it was significantly less bad than the red ring of death at least in that if you had an Xbox 360 you at least weren’t more than likely going to experience .

number 4

and this is a really big one we mentioned it, when we were talking about the pricing of the Xbox one how they really flubbed that but part of the reason for the pricing was the fact that the Kinect was mandatory and that was probably the dumbest thing they’ve ever done .

I mean they probably could have even gotten over the fact that they had announced it as an all-in-one entertainment device rather than as a games console which is the reason people buy it obviously but they decided they
needed to make it mandatory to have a Kinect with it which most likely is the reason for the inflated price and no one wanted a Kinect literally zero people wanted to connect because like not really a lot of games for it were good some of them were definitely passable but they were really not much more than gimmicks he was kind of like VR without the VR , they ended up forcing about 29 million of these things onto people and to be clear That’s the reason why people didn’t want it probably more so than the fact that it was stupid like people looked at the Wii as a massive gimmick until wow it wasn’t it was one of the most successful consoles ever to be made but you didn’t really have a choice and it also really was clear that it didn’t do a lot as far as all of the games that you would typically buy an Xbox for the Gears series for instance halo in a lot of ways it was viewed as kind of a
distraction from the reasons you would want an Xbox and one that you had to have which is super annoying .

number 3

Let’s talk about games they have cancelled which they really shouldn’t have and also delays on certain games that really uh so the first one I want to bring up is scalebound a game that they were having Platinum Games make as an exclusive for the Xbox one that never materialized on a console that needed exclusives probably more than any previous generation needed exclusives.

Then of course there’s the fable series which should have had another main line but they screwed up the relationship with the developer pretty bad and got a couple of really weird games and fable heroes which is a beat him up and fable the journey which is a Kinect game that no one wanted in fact it made people angry on account it wasn’t fable, it was fable connect like go back to the previous point and kind of understand the connotation of making a game like that exclusively connect totally changing the game then of course there’s games that we wanted for a long long time like crackdown 3 which were continually delayed to the point where unless it was anything other than something major it would of course be viewed as a dud and that’s exactly what happened crackdown 3 kind of sucks and it should be said how much I wanted that game through the years we have talked about that so many times.

number 2

There were barely any exclusives for the entire Xbox one lifecycle and the ones they introduced like sea of thieves kind of took forever,and didn’t really do what we wanted them to is the big lack of content and you know so what Microsoft decided to do was buy a bunch of game studios and some of them are obviously very smart purchases that they seem to not regret like ninja theory because they’re showing off the new send you again as an exclusive for.the new Xbox as a almost tech demo for the console but let’s keep in mind that Microsoft has bought Studios in the past and they often closed them fossa Studios is one digital anvil another ensemble the people behind Halo Wars we mentioned fable their developer Lionhead Studios Microsoft bought them in 2006 totally totally destroyed them closed them in
2016 , I mean they didn’t technically close Bungie but they really screwed up with Bungie bungees basically outliving their best life totally at Microsoft’s detriment we’ll see what happens with the new developers hopefully they will not repeat the mistakes of the past.

number 1

The Golden Gooseof all of their mistakes an Xbox oneannouncement error that was actually bigger than an ounce, it would be an all-in-one entertainment console with less of a focus on games.
The Xbox one drm announcement and just to be clear the industry has by no stretch not basically gone in the direction that they announced on stage there’s so much online DRM now but even now in 2020 the Internet infrastructure in the United States is not great there’s a lot of people who do not have an always-on internet connection now never mind going all the way back to when they announced the Xbox one and set in order to play you’re going to have to be connected to the Internet it’s going to have to check that you really own the game another part of this was they wanted to bring down the used games industry which I mean is happening again
anyway as downloads become the norm but still this was a dick move on their part and they had to go back on it almost immediately it was that big of a backlash what were some of the biggest mistakes Microsoft made with the Xbox brand through the years you remember leave us a comment let us know what you think and if you like this Topic.

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