Playstation 5 vs Xbox Series X Controller

With a new generation of consoles comes a new generation of controllers we have seen both now and it seems appropriate to compare them hi folks it’s falcon and today on zonegtech,the ps5 versus xbox series x controllers.

So first off let’s just talk about the design, the playstation 5 controller is probably the most xbox like of any playstation controller, that’s not to say it’s a carbon copy of the xbox , i certainly sense some of the playstation shape in the feel of it, i haven’t held one yet of course but i get the feeling it’s not going to feel fundamentally too much different than the ps4 controller it just looks a lot different like if you overlay the ps4 controller on this controller, i have a feel you’ll be able to see how similar the feel was probably going to be and really the same goes for the xbox series x well it does look a little bitdifferent.

I have a feeling fundamentally as far as what it feels like it’s not gonna be like when i put one of these into my hand ,my primary thought is going to be i’m holding an xbox controller,now aesthetically speaking i would say
that the playstation controller has actually seen a fairly big change where the xbox is gone with a much more incremental one xbox has added a share button.

Playstation added avengers and game armor although to be fair that share button , xbox added is fairly significant they are the last of the big three to add that to their controller but i think at this point we kind of know what all of this stuff does there’s a playstation button that goes to the menu there’s a xbox menu button d-pads two sticks, not gonna pretend any of this stuff is innovative of course i will say the d-pad on the xbox series x controller more closely mirrors their elite controller which i think is actually a good idea that version of the d-pad is actually very comfortable.

On the xbox controller given the placement of the d-pad in terms of comfort it’s always been the xbox controller it’s always been better than the playstation controller,there’s only one thing that i like with the playstation controller over the xbox , and it’s one thing that has never changed it’s the fact that the dual analog sticks are both in the middle i personally like that and given the d-pad placement on the xbox series x controller, i think the elite version of that d-pad although it’s not exactly the same it will just be better as far as grip goes but for me having the d-pad up in the corner rather than down in the center is just better in my opinion, that said which would i rather have in my hand it’s still gonna be the xbox one but let’s go beyond like comfort and feel, and start talking about power source for instance

Both of these controllers have a usb port on them , that’s good there’s no reason that they shouldn’t usb c is just infinitely better than all other usb , everything should move over to usbc now and if not now then yesterday however the xbox series s controller will continue the xbox tradition of not really coming with a battery, you can use double a batteries there’s going to be a rechargeable battery you can use with it but it’s not like the playstation controller where it’s just got an internal battery you charge it, you use it until that battery becomes a dud then you get a different controller or learn how to take apart the playstation controller which is a thing.
I have never done and never intend to i’ve actually always found that to be a slight advantage for the ps4 controller,now we don’t know anything about backwards compatibility with the playstation controller i have no idea i have no indication it hasn’t been said it’s not backwards compatible but no denial is not a confirmation.

I think that it would be good if it were because it looks like it has basically everything that would be necessary it’s got the touchpad it’s got all the buttons also i could charge it with usb c , and that would mean i would not be losing my charger for the controller all the time because it’s the only damn usb micro wire that i use anymore but we do know the new xbox series x controller is in fact backwards compatible and your old xbox one controllers will work with the new xbox system which is really good if you’ve got a couple of xbox one controllers lying around you’ve got the recipe.
For an in-house game party assuming we get the damn games that let you play the damn multiplayer on the same damn tv,i’m hoping give us some beat em ups or like get that scott pilgrim versus the world game.
Back on the market god i missed that game hopefully this covet crap is going to be done by the time , these consoles launch but some of my most fun memories in gaming are gaming with friends and to be able to just right off the bat have everything necessary to do that , it’s a big help there are two signature moves the dual sense has two calling cards so to speak now what they’re bragging about with the dual sense is the new advanced haptic feedback and the new adaptive triggers.

Let’s first talk a bit about the haptics,haptic feedback for the lay is essentially using touch typically some type of a rumble even if they’re just little tiny shocks that you might be familiar with with your phone,with phones that do that little every time you press a key that’s haptic feedback , i don’t personally love that exact type of haptic feedback like, i’ve had phones that have that and i just immediately shut it off however in video games it’s quite a bit different we’re all pretty familiar with rumble in a controller which is a form of haptic feedback , but the new advanced haptics that sony is promising with the dual sense remind me a lot of what we got with the nintendo switch’s hd rumble .

Now what they’re basically saying is that there’s going to be much more advanced much more detailed force feedback that would adapt to things in the game and try to simulate like different surfaces different movements that type of stuff let’s say driving a car over mud might be different than driving a car over cement the intent is to try to create an actual noticeable difference in the rumble this is accomplished by a much more complex motor, that does something more like a speaker would than what you would normally find in a rumble pack and a controller which is just an off-center weight spinning inside a motor , if it’s going to be something better or worse than nintendo switch’s hd rumble i don’t know hd rumble’s pretty cool i mean it does create noticeable differences in various things it’s not necessarily amassive game changer , but it is cool it does definitely improve the game a little bit it’s not distracting i like it so my fingers are crossed that they’ve taken even a further step than that with the dual sense the other big thing the dual sense has like.

I said is the adaptive triggers now what that’s going to do is allow developers to add resistance so let’s say firing different things might create a different sensation as you’re playing the game like on your actual finger it might feel different to fire a handgun than it might a machine gun combined with that advanced haptics thatcould produce some very interesting stuff.

Sony’s also got a built-in microphone in the new controller so if you don’t have a headset you can still do voice chat which is cool xbox has implemented similar tech in the previous xbox one controller trigger vibration motors although only certain xbox exclusives like forza were the few to take advantage of it .
So it’s really on the developers but what they’re bragging about is essentially this ultra responsive input via a technology they’re calling fast input scanning like this probably doesn’t sound particularly impressive but it captures button presses in as little as two milliseconds which might sound like big deal button press it might get a little bit of a snore from some folks but again in games that require very specific timings esports that type of stuff it may be a big difference i’m not going to say it definitely is again we’re a ways out from the console actually existing and people saying oh there’s a big difference , but i do predict that at least in esports you’re going to see people talking about it at least but the last thing , i want to go over is the size of these controllers and the only reason i want to do that is because there’s been some mentions of the size of the controllers by sony and microsoft, based on everything that microsoft has said it’s reasonable to assume it’s probably going to be about the same size as the xbox one controller.

If there’s any safe bet with microsoft and their controllers it’s that changes aren’t drastic enough to really notice much however the playstation 5 controller looks very different and like , i said if you overlay the playstation 4 dualshock 4 over the dual sense it doesn’t look like the grip is going to be particularly different .

However sony has said holding the dual sense it is going to feel smaller than it looks now what exactly this means i think it’s going to be really hard to come up with without holding it obviously, but my hope is that it’s not really a lot different size wise from the dualshock 4, the dualshock 4 is easily the most comfortable of the playstation controllers is it as comfortable as the xbox line of controllers, no but it’s the one they got closest to
right and in my opinion looking at this one i think they might have it right right as in this one might be the one that could in theory be as comfortable as the xbox controller while still having its own identity again
until we’re holding them using them there’s not really any way to predict this , but i haven’t really said something like that in the past at least to myself hey this might be comparable on every level to the xbox controller good job sony so we’ll see at this point i’m not particularly competitive with these things.

I’m excited for both i really want them both to be good and i kind of just want both in my hands, so there’s that but what do you think leave us a comment let us know and if you like this topic.

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