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PLAYSTATION 5 Officielle (2020)

The PS 5 event from 1 to 10 I’ve seen a lot of positive reactions but there are still a few who disagree with the hype and I want to see the colliding thoughts here .

Now diving into the first story the PS 5 event and what was revealed I’m not going to go through the whole list , if you want that and my reactions check out my topics that’s up on the Site but what I will do is list my top games that we saw at the event everyone has their own top list and they could very well vary from mine of course.

We saw Sony today showcase a breadth of games that were big and small and also some juggernauts as well, but here we go first up is spider-man Miles Morales now for this game I was surprised because I honestly did not expect spider-man to show up at this event let alone spider-man and Ratchet and Clank and add to this spider-man Miles Morales is a launch title for the PlayStation 5 ,but from what.

I’ve seen and what people are saying this could very well be a smaller game than the original spider-man and could bridge the gap between spider-man 2 and 1 something like between a DLC and a full game either way I’m down definitely down for more spider-man on PS 5 next up is horizon – forbidden West now I don’t want to take a lot of time on each of these games but man horizon – forbidden West looked CGI considering we heard Sony was pushing showcasing gameplay and thanks actually running on PS 5 if what we saw for horizon 2 forbidden ,West was gameplay that is insane and to me personally looks better than the Unreal Engine revealed but I could be talking crazy you guys let me know if you think the horizon. I don’t wanna say horizon zero dawn to the horizon – forbidden West trailer looks better than what we saw from the Unreal Engine 5 reveal.

I need to see a walkthrough gameplay for that game beyond that there was death loop which I’ve already wanted since it’s the reveal at e3 Resident Evil a ghost wire Kanna bridge of spirits little devil inside pragmatic and destruction all cars which was like a mix of titanfall rocket League and twisted metal all great games a nice mix but that was my top list you guys let me know what your top list is as well and now diving into the second part of this topics the PS 5 or PS 5s ,I should say I think everyone doubted Sony showcasing the PS 5 at this event including myself thinking it, would be smart to hold it off before Microsoft’s event next month ,but I guess
Sony has way more in the bag to reveal still and showcase but it also makes sense since they did reveal the ps4 at e3 2013 I know this isn’t III but it’s that same level of hype but to continue in terms of the details of PS 5 details and apparently a game that will be preloaded with every PlayStation 5, so there will be two consoles dropping this holiday one digital and one that includes an ultra 4k blu-ray drive and, if you look at the console the front of the console you can see one regular USB slot and a USB C slot somebody can correct me if that’s not what you guys see and if you look at the digital versus physical you can see two buttons for the physical and one button for digital which, I would assume is for taking the disc out and powering off the console there’s also a bunch of accessories, they revealed alongside the PS 5 and this includes the camera which I haven’t seen extra detail for because my main focus with it is what does it bring four PS vr ,I don’t see Sony going through PS move light ball setup that they did this generation again so does this camera include different types of sensors from what I’m hearing it doesn’t it just has to 1080p lenses, so for me based off of this camera it seems like psvr – could very well have all the sensors it needs on the headset itself similar to the oculus quest we also had the media remote which I guess is similar to Sony’s past meteor remote ,so you can control everything with one remote it also has a built-in mic for voice commands and then we had the charging Bay for the controllers which, I’ll definitely be getting day one the thing about it is it looks like a regular charging Bay but it’s weird that it’s not charging through the USB C porton top of the controller ,I don’t want to say this but could this be wireless charging, I’m not saying it is but how else is it charging that’s just my personal thought and finally the pulse 3d wireless headset I’ve been waiting to get a new headset because I knew Sony was going to come out with the new headset with the PS 5 and as the title states this headset also supports 3d audio so I want that best audio that product from Sony that gives me that quality high quality audio and I’m excited for all of it beyond all of this it’s been confirmed that, Astro ba playroom that the platformer we saw will be preloaded with every PlayStation 5 to demonstrate the dual Sense controller more Astro ba is always good to me so I’m definitely down for that.

Now the price in my topic I saw I said it could be 399 $ or $499 so 399$ for digital $499 for the physical . I don’t see Sony passing $499 and according to Bloomberg and this is a statement from their article Piers Harding roles and analysts at Empire analysis anticipates the new consoles will sell for 450 and $499 so it looks like a $50 trade-off between the two consoles I’ll be getting the $499 physical console, but you guys let me know if $50 is a big deal to you let me know down in the comments below and if you guys did enjoy this topic.

I leave you with pictures

Ratchet & Clank
Resident Evil 8 
horizon – forbidden


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