What you can expect The Xbox Series X, a new console from Microsoft, was presented on December 12, 2019 at the Game Awards. With its design reminiscent of a PC tower, it contrasts with previous consoles, whether at Microsoft or the competition. But it’s not just its design that is known, since Microsoft has delivered several details concerning the Series X in recent months. The Xbox Series X is Equipped With new services allow you to discover more games and bring you closer to games, creators and streamers you love.

What is the Xbox Series X release date and at what price ?

The Xbox Series X is due out in late 2020, as will the PS5. Microsoft itself made it official, without specifying an exact date. We can expect availability a few weeks before Christmas to take advantage of this period of intense consumption, even with the coronavirus epidemic.

We also learn from an interview with Phil Spencer that the Xbox Series X will be launched on the same date around the world.

The price of the Xbox Series X is not yet known. Jason Ronald, Microsoft executive responsible for the backward compatibility program, has only hinted that Microsoft would charge “reasonable” prices. Which doesn’t mean much.

If we allow the comparison with the previous generation, the Xbox One X – more powerful version of the conventional Xbox One – was sold at around 499 dollars (449 euros) while the Xbox One S – the lighter version of the console – has it launched to less than 300. Given its promise of technical power, the Xbox (Series X) may well be slightly more expensive than its predecessor.

What is the design of the new Xbox console?

The Xbox Series X looks like a desktop computer, but is actually barely larger than an Xbox controller. As with previous generations, it can be arranged vertically or horizontally. To cool the whole, a huge fan draws air from the bottom to discharge it towards the top of the machine. According to Microsoft project manager Phil Spencer, who presented it yesterday, its power would be four times that of the Xbox One X, “more efficient and less noisy.”

what are the technical characteristics of the latest Xbox? And its performance?

  • Xbox’s Velocity architecture unveils new capabilities in terms of speed and performance, thanks to the revolutionary combination of hardware, a custom 1 TB SSD and processor, combined with intense software integration, to create realistic, richer and more dynamic universes than ever before.
  • The Xbox Series X is the most powerful Xbox console ever powered by a custom-designed processor, leveraging AMD’s latest Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures.
  • The new AMD on-chip (SoC) system has been designed from the ground up to optimize speed and performance, delivering 12 teraflops of processing power and compatibility for four generations of games.
  • The innovative parallel cooling architecture allows you to enjoy breathtaking gaming experiences, with incredible graphics fidelity and performance.
  • For the very first time on a console, an innovative split motherboard provides uniform temperature control of the internal components of the Xbox Series X, giving the console more power.
  • A heat sink is a non-electronic passive mechanical component, built directly into the console chassis, that plays a critical role in the reliability and performance of the Xbox Series X. This unique component of the parallel cooling architecture contributes to the distinctive console design.
  • The Xbox Series X’s steam chamber distributes temperatures evenly between the processor and memory.
  • Part of the parallel cooling architecture, the quiet fan keeps the internal components of the Xbox Series X cool, without disrupting your gameplay.
  • The Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Card provides additional game storage, and delivers optimal speed and performance by replicating the console’s internal custom SSD experience. The 1 TB card is inserted directly into the back of the console into the dedicated storage expansion port.
The technical sheet of the Xbox Series X is widely known, Microsoft has revealed several interesting information:
>The CPU will be based on AMD’s Zen 2 architecture but will be updated especially for the Xbox. We’re talking about 8 physical cores and 16 threads, as well as a 3.8 GHz frequency.
Here again
> the GPU is made in AMD, with a modified RDNA2 capable of delivering 12 TFLOPS thanks to its 52 CUs clocked at 1.825 GHz.

>We will be entitled to 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM, including 10 GB with a bandwidth of 560 Gbps and 6 GB with a bandwidth of 336 Gbps.

>1 TB NVMe custom SSD with an ultra-fast controller that flirts with 5 Gbps
USB 3.2.

>1TB memory extension via special card.

>A Blu-Ray player has been confirmed on the Xbox Series X. It will therefore still be possible to buy physical versions of the game, while the release of the Xbox One S All Digital without equipment of this type and requiring to acquire titles dematerialized or via the Xbox Game Pass could raise fears of its disappearance.

>Ray-tracing support is also there. This technology for managing the reflection and refraction of light which makes it possible to obtain breathtaking graphics of realism. These features will allow the Xbox Series X to perform exceptionally well.

Xbox Wireless Controller: a new controller

The Xbox Series X will come with a new controller. Seen from a distance, it would easily be confused with the current controller but there are slight differences. Its size and shape have been refined to match an even wider range of players. We note the presence of a new button dedicated to sharing content (captures, video) that we want to send to our friends. Finally, the directional cross has also been modified and is inspired by that of the Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller. Finally, this controller is compatible with Xbox One but also with Windows 10 for PC players.

Thanks to the revolutionary new Xbox Velocity architecture, thousands of Xbox One games, including Xbox 360 and original Xbox games, will experience improved performance, including reduced boot and load times, more stable frame rates, higher resolutions and improved quality on the Xbox Series X.

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