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PLAYSTATION 5 The latest information

The latest information surrounding the PS 5,Sony would have provided us with another update for the PS 5. I want to dive into some interesting information about how epic rebuild parts of their engine with the PS 5 in mind the latest information on the PS 5 event , and my thoughts along with some people being worried that Sony is going to delay the PS 5 because of website changes first.

let me know when you get your PS 5 are you going to be buying digital or physical games,this is a question I’ve been thinking about more, so recently because if game installs are instant on PS 5 this makes getting physical games useful again for people who have slow internet or simply just like the physical aspect on the other hand of course there is the convenience of digital but you can’t share that or trade it in etc…

So let me know if you’re going all digital next gen, now diving into the first story the PS 5 holiday 2020 date has disappeared from the US site I’m going to say this right off the bat the PS 5 is not delayed outside of 2020 but let me give you some reasons as to why,so the story goes that the US PlayStation site has removed the holiday 2020 time off the main image at the top of the PlayStation 5 page after the delayed the first reveal event this led to some thinking,this indicated a delay so. I checked other websites across the globe and some still have the 2020 date like PlayStation Norway for example who still have the 2020 banner , so this is most likely just because of the revealed date and needing to adjust that outsideof this Microsoft is full steam ahead for holiday 2020, they just recently confirmed the holiday 2020 launch in Japan so there is no way Sony would give Microsoft that edge we also had not too long ago about 6 days ago a confirmation from the Financial Times that Sony’s Jim Ryan confirmed production of the PlayStation 5 has begun, and is ramping up over the summer and let’s add to that if you go to the PS Us site and search for the PlayStation 5 in the preview link you can see it still says launching this year so this is merely a website thing nothing indicating a real delay , but let me know if you guys thought Sony would actually delayed the PS 5 past 2020 .

I’m really curious what you guys thought on that part let me know down in the comments below now diving into the second story of the video Sony being unsure of when the PS 5 reveal date is happening so after Sony delayed the event which would have taken place today I know it hurts to say that honestly people were wondering when Sony now would have their event if you look at a lot of other delayed events most of them provide new dates with most being delayed about a week with the exception of cyberpunk which was delayed about two weeks I think so this led people to think that Sony is going to have their event sometime next week which could still happen I’m not saying it can’t but apparently websites queued and reviewed spoke to a Sony rep about their post to reveal event coverage plans for the PS 5 reveal and Sony stated to the site that they’re unsure about a new date reading from the website skewed and reviewed when Sony correctly postponed their planned PS 5 revealed due to the current events many assumed it would happen in a week, so i conversed with a person at sony about our post event coverage plans and they told me that they are unsure of when the new date will be the site believes that.

The event will be delayed only a couple of weeks back meaning sometime in late June but I’m not so sure Sony would make fans wait that long considering all these summer plans for ther events is pretty much starting next week and what about the games that were meant to be revealed with Sony’s conference they then would have to postpone marketing plans as well by weeks, and what did Sony not want to have their reveal event in the same week as the Last of Us 2, is released which is June 19th what this then mean the best times would be next week or the week after the Last of Us 2 is released which is I think the last week of June really who knows these are all guesses every person unless they have a direct link to Sony is just guessing at new dates people saying a week ,two weeks are just guessing the only official information we have is that Sony updated their website their YouTube page for the PlayStation 5 reveal to say dated this event has been postponed we’ll be in touch soon with a new date.

So this happened yesterday and that’s all we really have officially right now my personal point is if we don’t get a new announcement by today or tomorrow for a new date it’s probably not happening next week but we’ll see of course let me know if you guys think the ps5 event is happening next week or not, the Unreal Engine 4 the recent tech demo that we saw had to rewritten in part because the PS 5 was too fast this is news that comes from website VG 247 who recently had an interview with epics VP of engineering Nick pan worden and he explained how the PS 5s architecture is really something special and the speed at which the PS 5 was able to stream data, made epic rewrite parts of their engine here’s the full quote the playstation 5 provides a huge leap in both computing and graphics performance, but its storage architecture is also truly special the ability to stream in content at extreme speeds enables developers to create denser and more detailed environments changing how we think about streaming content it’s so impactful that we’ve rewritten our core to subsystems for Unreal Engine with the PlayStation 5 in mind , so obviously engines get updated to support new consoles and platforms as they come but to make a statement saying this one specific platform was ,so impactful we had to rewrite parts of our core engine with the in mind is saying a lot and the part about creating denser and more detailed environment is great to hear more so the denser environments parts meaning.

I would think meaning more just going on in the world which is something you guys know I’ve been wanting from next-gen games, just a more live world more going on more interactivity something more than just something really pretty that.

I’m looking at and once again this comes as a part of a line of praises developers have been giving the PS 5 throughout months now it ,but this one was obviously pretty big let me know if this quote from epic has you even more excited for the possibilities of the place five.


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