Ad Networks

Ad network consists of a set of sites or mobile applications grouped together as part of a more or less homogeneous advertising offer.
There is a great diversity of advertising networks on the Internet. They constitute what can sometimes be considered as a real advertising jungle in which advertisers and even sometimes agencies find it difficult to find their way.

Google Admob Ads


Ads from Google advertisers are displayed in your app and users click on theads they like. You earn money every time a user clicks on ads in your app.
Admob is cross-platform, supporting iOS, Android and Windows 10.
Do you remember ‘Flappy Bird’ and the insane amount of ad revenue the
creator earned from that game? Flappy used Admob ads, and it made him
very happy!

Apple’s iAd


Apple’s own ad system is very popular with iOS developers (naturally), and
you earn 70% of the ad revenue generated.

As of December 31, 2016, the iAd App Network is no longer available. IAd framework still supports Apple Search ad assignment.

As of December 31, 2016, the iAd App Network is no longer available. IAd framework still supports Apple Search ad assignment.

Applications that have implemented the iAd.Framework classes should not crash solely due to depreciation. You can delete the iAd framework and connection during your next update or regular application submission.



Applovin gets quite a few positive recommendations from indie developers,
and from what I have seen of figures, the earnings were a little better than
some ad networks. Applovin is available for Android and iOS.

At AppLovin, we fuel the growth of many of the world’s most popular mobile games and game studios, bringing games to more people around the world.

In July 2018, AppLovin launched Lion Studios, an independent multimedia division of AppLovin that works with mobile developers to publish and promote their games.



Build your mobile business with the leading in-app monetization and programmatic advertising platform.

Chartboost promises to increase your in-app purchase revenue and allow
you to make changes in real-time with Chartboost Store, their backend
service for mobile game developers. Chartboost is all about the cross
promotion of games; you can advertise other developer’s games, or even
cross-promote your own titles.

Chartboost is one of the only partners that support ad monetization on the Amazon Appstore. Unlock revenue potential across Apple, Google Play and Amazon today.

With transparency as one of our core values, we provide customers with granular analytics empowering you with key insights to make informed decisions. 



RevMob is a Cost-Per-Install (CPI) network that offers the highest eCPM for
game publishers. RevMob supports iOS, Android and Amazon.

Revmob is a leading mobile advertising network specializing in user acquisition, brand promotion and application monetization since 2011. With our unique marketing platform and our team dedicated to customer success, we help successfully thousands of advertisers and publishers to get the best return on investment and improve their revenues. Reach your target audience and get the best results with Revmob.

1-Instant analyzes and report data
2-Support for IOS, Android, Corona, Unity
3-Easy to integrate SDK
4-Quick payments via paypal or bank transfer



We make it easy for advertisers to connect with exclusive audiences in the world’s most popular mobile games and apps.

Tapjoy allows you to make changes quickly and easily through the self-service Tapjoy dashboard. Adjust ad placements, customize messages,segment your user base and more, all without updating your code.

Upsight (Formerly Playhaven)


Upsight is a mobile analytics & marketing platform, handling 1000s of apps & 500+ billion data points monthly.

Apparently, Upsight is one of the most flexible ad networks to manage,
offering a lot of control over the ads appearing in your game. You can cross-promote other games, offer virtual rewards and make announcements (for
events such as app updates and holiday promos).

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