Twitch is a slightly different approach to YouTube, in that it is a live game-streaming service—where players and developers can live-stream game
footage. More recently, developers have started using Twitch to broadcast
live ‘development’ videos, showing the WIP development process.
Interestingly, Twitch is now owned by Google, who also own YouTube—so
there will be ever tighter integration between the two services.

Vlambeer were one of the first to use Twitch to broadcast footage of their
game, Nuclear Throne, during development. This has now become quite a
popular approach, with many developers following suit and broadcasting footage of themselves implementing features, creating artwork, testing levels and so on.

It is a good approach to building up a community from the very beginning
of development, and really helps the developer to engage with their
followers in a very hands-on way.

You can also add Twitch streaming directly to your game, with several game
engines supporting this feature via plugins, to allow swich implementation.
With in-built Twitch streaming, anyone playing your game can broadcast
directly to Twitch from within the game.

Alternately, there are several applications out there, which can stream live to Twitch. These include:

Open Broadcaster Software


Open Broadcaster Software is free and open source software for video
recording and live streaming. Key features include encoding using H264 (×
264) and AAC, live RTMP streaming to Twitch, YouTube, DailyMotion,
Hitbox and more, file output to MP4 or FLV and Windows 10 high speed
monitor capture support.

XSplit Gamecaster


Gamecaster is apparently the world’s easiest and most versatile game
streaming application. It has some great power features like built-in
annotation for live onscreen drawing and chroma key green screen game
face projection (should you wish to show off your ugly mug!). The downside is that it isn’t free—with a premium commercial licence costing $24.95 for
three months.



FFsplit is a front-end solution that allows you to capture and composite
videos. These videos can be encoded and streamed using Free Software,

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