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Publishing on Xbox

After an initial stance from Xbox for the Xbox One, they have
now performed a full U-turn and launched the [email protected] self-publishing
program for Xbox One. The program will “enable qualified game developersto build, publish and make their games available”without paying any application fees and with full access to the console’s resources. Microsoft plans to ensure“easy discoverability” for indies via new trending and promotion features, and will give out two free dev. kits to registered

A prety good deal! Oh, and now they have also confirmed they will provide
free Unity licences too. That’s the kind of epic U-turn I like, so a big thanks
goes to Microsoft for introducing the [email protected] initiative; well done, guys!

There is also a rumour that Microsoft will allow self-publishing on Xbox 360
Live Arcade in the near future. At the time of writing, nothing is definite,
but XBLA certainly represents a huge potential audience, so this is

[email protected]

[email protected] was crafted to ensure ALL developers can take advantage of this
amazing platform, and the team met with more than 50 developers to hear
what they want in a self-publishing program.

Developers will have access to the same great benefits that existing Xbox
developers have today, including the full power of the console, cloud
services, Kinect and Xbox Live toolset such as Xbox SmartGlass,
multiplayer, Achievements, Gamerscore and more.”

To apply to the program email [email protected] or complete the online form at Anyone can apply, but priority“will be granted … to independent game developers who have a proven track record of shipping games on console, PC, mobile or tablet.”

Currently there are three possible responses you will get from Microsoft:

Not Just Now, but Keep in Touch

“This is not a ‘no’, this is a ‘not right now.’ We’re evaluating the list of
interested developers on a weekly basis and we will be in tou as soon as
we’re able to get you kits.”

If you are a start-up without a well-known title or a track record of releases,
this may well be the response you receive.

Tell Us More About You

“We’d like to ask you a few questions about your project …” You’ll need to
supply a design overview for the game(s) you would like to release on Xbox
One. You also need to detail whether you are intending to use any
middleware or development frameworks, and what platform specific
features you are planning to support.

You’re In!

The best response; an immediate yes. Once agreements have been signed,
you’ll have two shiny Xbox One development kits to play with.

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