Adobe® Flash® Builder® 4.7 software is a development environment for
building games and applications using the ActionScript® language and the
open source Flex framework. Flash Builder Premium includes professional
testing tools such as profilers, network monitoring and unit testing support.”
Adobe also supply a dedicated gaming SDK to accompany Flash Builder,
called the Adobe Gaming SDK: “the Adobe Gaming SDK provides an
essential collection of frameworks, code samples and learning resources that work together to help developers create and deliver ActionScript games across multiple devices.”
You also have access to the Native extensions, which let you take advantage
of platform-specific capabilities on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Want

to go 3D? Stage3D allows you to use hardware accelerated graphics in your

Last, but not least, Adobe provide a very comprehensive profiling system,
called Scout. Adobe Scout is the next-generation profiling tool for Adobe
Flash Player and AIR.


Flash games can run on a large number of platforms as stand-alone apps, or
via a web browser. This includes all major mobile platforms, including iOS
and Android.

Purchase Options

Flash and Flash Builder are now part of Adobe Creative Cloud, which allows
you to download and use every Adobe program for a monthly licence fee.




Example Games

▶ Canabalt
▶ Ruby Blast Adventures
▶ Angry Birds
▶ Help Me Fly
▶ Snailboy
▶ CSI: Miami Heat Wave
▶ Roller Coaster Mania

▶ Swerve
▶ Super Puzzle Platformer
▶ Kung Fu Attac
▶ Super Gem Heroes

In addition to the Adobe supplied tools, there are several other solutions out
there for Flash development, all designed specifically for games with a
number of powerful features including split screen support, bitmap fonts,
blending modes, tile editors, animation, sprite sheets, tweening, replays,
physics, particles, game saves and more. All are available on an open source
licence, and have very active communities:

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