App Game Kit

AGK was developed out of our own need to create a one stop solution for
making game apps for mobile devices. In the past TGC had developed games
for one device and then wanted to port them to other platforms. The process of conversion was costly and repetitive. the team wanted to spend more time creating new games and not burdened with laborious conversion work.

The TGC team has a wealth of experience in creating game creation tools
spanning well over a decade. Taking that knowledge and working with our
loyal and enthusiastic community we set to work on creating AGK.

This phase one of AGK is just the beginning. We aim to spread AGK across
as many different platforms as possible. Meaning games you code in our
AGK BASIC will instantly work on other supported platforms as we bring
them into the AGK portfolio.


Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry

Purchase Options

There is a one-off fee of $59.99, with a planned price increase upon release of Version 2.


The Game Creators

Example Games

▶ Driving Test Success series
▶ Sky Without Sun: Target
▶ Space Connection: Atlas


▶ A good option for coding beginners as games and apps can be built in
BASIC, which is a very straightforward language to learn.
▶ AGK also recently ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to help fund
version 2, so development on that is now well under way with planned
support for extra drawing and sprite blending modes, shaders and
enhanced 3D support.
▶ Very reasonably priced.


▶ Relatively unproven for commercial game releases.
▶ Not many built-in tools; you need to code most things in BASIC.
▶ Lack of regular updates.
▶ No asset store or online templates.

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