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Game Salad

The World’s Fastest Game Creation Engine. Design Games for Free—No
Coding Required! there’s no faster or easier way to develop games than
with GameSalad Creator. Its visual, drag and drop interface and complex
behaviour library provide almost limitless freedom to game designers. Bring
your work to life in hours and days instead of weeks and months. It’s all
capable with GameSalad Creator!


Windows 8, Mac, iOS, Android

Purchase Options

The Free Edition allows you to publish on Mac and iOS, while the Pro
Edition, which costs $300 per year, also includes Android and Windows 8
publishing and the following additional features—Twitter TweetSheet, Game
Center, In-App Purchase, External Links and iAds.



Example Games

▶ SuperGolf
▶ CheeseMan

▶ Zombie Drop
▶ Help Volty
▶ Puck It
▶ Gravonaut
▶ Hobo with a Shotgun
▶ The Secret of Grisly Manor
▶ Bumps
▶ E-Pig Dash


▶ A nice seamless process for preparing everything you need for App Store
(Mac and iOS) submissions.
▶ Many of the in-built tools and routines are nice and easy to use.
▶ Some very good docs and guides available on the GameSalad site.
▶ GameSalad Marketplace offers a wide range of pre-built game templates,
art and audio assets—an excellent resource.


▶ GameSalad could certainly be described as a little quirky. I suspect that
since the developers do not have a games background they tend to do
things a little differently.
▶ Lack of regular updates and features—be wary of updates when they do
arrive, as they are often known to break existing features.
▶ Not the best solution for performance on slower target platforms.

Another very useful GameSalad resource is DeepBlueApps
(, who offer a wide range of different game
templates and useful tools for GameSalad and Corona development.

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