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DualSense, the New Wireless Game Controller for PlayStation 5

We do not yet know the design of the PS5, but we now know that of its official controller. Sony has unveiled on its blog the first info on the DualSense controller which will officially accompany its next gen console.

Because yes, Sony says goodbye to DualShock for the second time in its history. The Japanese manufacturer had already abandoned this name for the PS3 Sixaxis controller.

DualSense has a lot in common with DualShock 4

  • two symmetrical analog sticks;
  • the 4 emblematic buttons cross (yes it is a cross), square, round and triangle;
  • directional arrows;
  • the PlayStation button become a clickable logo;
  • L1 / L2 / R1 / R2 rear buttons and triggers;
  • the large touch area;
  • the LED (which may consume fewer batteries this time).

However, Sony incorporates several important new features on this controller.

With the PS4 controller, Sony had managed to anticipate the rise of streaming on Twitch and sharing on social networks. The share button of the DualShock 4 was in itself a small revolution in the relationship between players and the sharing of their experiences. To the point of being included on the Switch, and on the controller of the Xbox Series X.

We can therefore be surprised to see the Share button disappear from the DualSense. The button to the right of the touchpad is still there, but it is now a Create button. Sony promises to say more soon about this rather mysterious name change.

As Sony previously announced to Wired, the new PlayStation 5 controller wants to build on an extra dose of gaming immersion. First, the controller now has a better vibration motor, which Sony says can give a real tactile effect under the finger.

The DualSense controller also incorporates adaptive triggers L2 and R2, which should allow new interactions. For example, the player could feel the tension of the string when drawing a bow.

To facilitate communication in online games, the DualSense incorporates a microphone in addition to its speaker.

We can see a “mute” button to mute the microphone below the PlayStation button. Enough to reassure players regarding privacy.

The DualShock 4 may well directly integrate a rechargeable battery, it was best known for its fairly poor autonomy. When you see the number of new technologies integrated into the DualSense controller, you can be concerned about the autonomy. Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t really make any promises on this side.

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