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No game is quite so ubiquitous as Tetris. Just about
every format has a version, offi cial or otherwise. You
might have been feeding your Game Boy batteries to
keep playing, but you might have bought one of the
100 million copies sold on mobile phones, or mastered
Tetris: The Grand Master 3 in an arcade, or even hunted
down V-Tetris for the Virtual Boy. It’s a game that unites
gamers of every experience level and every format.
Of course, it wouldn’t be so high if it weren’t so
good. Tetris is the kind of game that gets its hooks into
you – the compulsive nature of sorting shapes and
eliminating lines means that a one game can turn into
an all-night session. You can easily beat your score and
you’re sure that last game over was a freak accident.
There are prettier games than Tetris, as well as more
complex games and games that will leave a lasting
emotional impact. But are there any games which
inspire more addiction than Tetris? We don’t think so.


170 MILLION: The last
cumulative sales total given for
the Tetris series.
35 MILLION: How many of those
were Game Boy Tetris.
748,757: Twin Galaxies’ record
points, scored by Uli Horner on
Game Boy Tetris.
6: Number of times Portland Retro
Gaming Expo has held Classic
Tetris World Championship.
5: Number of times Jonas
Neubauer has won Classic Tetris
World Championship.

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