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PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X : Sony OR Microsoft

PS5 is the next generation of home console developed by Sony, Expected holiday 2020.
the PlayStation 5 will compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. On the Japanese console menu, there is Ray Tracing, a revised and more immersive DualShock, reduced loading times and a 4K Blu-Ray player equipped with a SSD disc
The console will have the following technical specifications:
* APD type processor from AMD generation “Zen 2”, 8 cores engraved in 7nm with a GPU of “Navi” family (Navi is based on RDNA (microarchitecture)
* 3D audio
* SSD drive
* Blu-ray12 disc player compatible with 100 GB Ultra HD Blu-ray
Hardware ray tracing support
* It will also have the following functionalities:
Physical support for games
Backwards compatible with PlayStation 4 games
PlayStation VR compatibility
Possibility of partial installations of games
Supported up to 8K
The Xbox Series X (also Xbox Scarlett, Project Scarlett or simply Scarlett) is the new video game console in development announced by Microsoft during E3 2019, whose release is scheduled for the end of 2020.
The console is announced optimized for the game, and will be four times more powerful than an Xbox One X
The console will have the following technical specifications:
* custom main processor based on an AMD Zen 2 (fr);
* video processor based on Navi technology (Radeon);
* SSD hard drive;
* RAM type GDDR6;
* ray tracing in real time;
* 8K resolution, 120 frames per second;
* backward compatibility of all games in the Xbox range for all consoles;
* backward compatibility of all accessories in the Xbox range for all consoles;
* optical disc drive.

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